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0This past weekend we drove out to Ohio to celebrate my cousins college commencement at YSU. I’m extremely proud of her she graduated top of her class with honors and was the student speaker for the class of 2013. She even made the news! Such an overachiever hahaha (its a joke i have with her) but seriously i am so proud of her. She was always a straight A student so she deserves the recognition from everyone. Check her out on the news:
21 News Now, More Local News for Youngstown, Ohio –
1124 25We spent four days out in Ohio and boy was it nice. We ate, shopped, went to Rose’s graduation, met up with family, shopped some more, ate some more, etc. The best part was the shopping. Man the stores are awesome outside of NYC. A normal Walmart or TJ Maxx is way better in Ohio than New York. In new york it always looks like a tornado went through it, when i was shopping in the same stores in Ohio they were so neat and organized. I loved it, i shopped with ease and actually was not annoyed, because i cannot stand shopping in New York, too many rude people and too many people period (i hate crowds).12 13It snowed a lot too while we were out there. It was so beautiful though, it felt like such a winter wonderland and something about it made me love the holiday season even more. We went outside and messed with the snow a bit although we got way too cold and went back inside. Everyday it was freezing, the winter sure did sneak in on us, I feel like just the other day it was 50 degrees out.141821The first day out there we went to Rogers, my favorite flea market and went shopping. Thomas actually found a butter churner which is the joke between him and Rose Marie. We later had Indian food with my aunt and her friend which was Thomas’s first time. He liked it and well Drake not so much but he sat nicely (not) with his new Thomas the Train toy we bought him at rogers for 12 bucks! Bargain! At night after all the shopping we went out to a bar with her friends from college for a pre celebration for the honor students. She got “sashed” and we drank and partied like tourist 🙂 well not really but we drank a lot and our bill was only $20.00, how the heck did that happen?!1522So after that we had our late night sweet cravings and stopped at this cookie shop located in downtown Youngstown called One Hot Cookie. It was so delicious, i had an eggnog cookie which was great and tried the peppermint flavor as well yummy. I also fell in love with this cute little guy there named Fredo. Oh boy was he lovable and cute, i wanted to take him home with me. You can check out his twitter here lol.
2019We went to go see Santa obviously for Drake, which he enjoyed watching the christmas tree displays and once he got up to Santa he just stared him down ….. weird kid. He did sit on his lap eventually but nothing crazy, he didn’t feel like talking to him. Which was funny because i thought he was going to be like okay where’s my toy, since i have been telling him he better be good or santa won’t bring his toys. So once he got to see him he was mute, but afterwards he asked me for his toys and i told him he had to wait for christmas day. He then looked at me like he didn’t get it. Poor kid, i tried explaining it to him but nope, not this year, maybe next.
8 7 6 5 10 16We played in the snow for a bit but seriously it was too cold lol.3 2 1 4When it was time to go home i was sad. I love Ohio, and i really enjoyed spending time with the family. I really didn’t want to leave it felt like such a short four days. Next time i will need to make a longer trip out there. The drive home was okay i drove the whole 8 hours back and i was so tired by the time we got home. I still took photos and a selfie with my lovie, you can tell how tired i looked. Eeks. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


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