Sesame Place

So this past Thursday, we took the kids to Sesame Place out in Pennsylvania for Kate’s 7th Birthday. What a sweet time! The kids were so excited and I think Thomas and I enjoyed it more than the kids, and let me tell you the kids were excited. The parade was simply adorable, i mean it had me all smiles. s
ccctvoThey had tons of water rides which i was surprised to see, Drake loved the pool but the splashing water rides, not so much. I don’t get him, he loves playing in pools or bath tubs but hates splashing or showers. So Count’s Splash Castle was not his cup of tea with all the water spilling and splashing from everywhere, although for me it was tons of

At the end of the night the kids were knocked out on the car ride home. Such a nice night with tons of fun memories. Kate keeps talking about how much she loved it. Drake on the other hand kept talking about how he was scared of going up hill on the roller coaster and disliked the water in his face lol, but he loved the parade big time.

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