Summer at a Glance | 2013

What the fudge?! Summer is done. Summer was ….. summer. Even though summer is not my favorite season with all the heat waves, i still enjoy it for all it has to offer. Everyone loves a good BBQ, pool time, vacation, spending time with family & friends, and all the works. Here is a recap of my summer. Although i have to say this is my most laid back summer yet, usually I am doing something everyday, but this year was more me time which i enjoyed.


A lot went on:
1 // I got to try Trader Joes Cookie Butter for the first time.
2 // Drake actually pet a lizard which he is terrified of any bugs.
3 // A lot of relaxation time with my dogs and Drake in bed.
4 // Said goodbye or see you later to my friend Alysha that moved to Virginia.
5 // Caught up on my Project Life.
6  // Chloe finally got groomed.
7 // BBQ & Partied with friends.
8 // Bouncy House, Sesame Place and the Park with the kids.
9 // Drake went to the movies for the first time and saw Despicable Me 2.
10 // Enjoyed a Mr Softee Ice Cream from the ice cream truck & collecting my Alex & Ani Bracelets.

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