Cookbooks I’m Currently Loving

Cooking can't get any better guys! Seriously, January alone I have made a ton of recipes and I have been enjoying the process a lot more now. Cooking doesn't have to be a daunting task, as long as you have ideas on what to make, you can make it enjoyable to whip things up. Never in my life, I thought I'd be those ladies who collect cookbooks. I always figured that I would just cook from the top of my head like my mother and grandmother did. Sadly that isn't the case with me, I need references and I need ideas on mixing things up. I can remember to make a few ... Read the Post

Easy Meal Planning

I always love the idea of cooking but lets be honest, when you have kids and a job and a blog, usually cooking is not on the table every day. I use to just pop in frozen dinners (trader joe has amazing frozen food), eat out a lot and cook sad to say, junk food. Although we try to make a habit of eating better, majority of the time it wasn't good food. I wanted easy meal planning. One of my resolutions was to eat better this year. I wanted to cook food from scratch and actually enjoy it. I won't lie half of the time I didn't enjoy cooking because it was ... Read the Post