The Weekly | Snow Time!

The weather has been cold around here lately, it even started to snow. Something about the white snow that is so peaceful and beautiful, I mean it's a vision out here in New York too with all the tall buildings and trees covered in snow. My kids instantly get excited when they see the snow, because in New York it's not often that it comes down. The roads are slippery and I won't lie it's a mission lugging a 6 year old and a 1 year old in the snow. One wants to play and kick snow everywhere when we're trying to get somewhere nice and a little dry and the other is ... Read the Post

Holiday Home Decor 2016

Hello December! Today I'm sharing my Holiday Home Decor! To be honest my tree has been up since the first week of November :) I love to have my tree up for a long time. Christmas has become more awesome as the years go on, there are so many things also to decorate with compared to back in the days. I love all the cool holiday decor that is hitting the stores, did you guys get to see the rose colored decorations at Michaels?! Seriously, how beautiful! I loved that they had different themes to choose from at Michaels too, made it even more fun to shop for new ... Read the Post

The Weekly | Shopping & Easter

So I lost my wallet, yea! I was shopping with my sister and mom and I must have gotten distracted with Drake that I thought I put my wallet back in my diaper bag, and it must of fell onto the floor. You know what's the crazy thing though ..... I wasn't so upset. I mean yea it sucks that I lost it but I only had my debit card and drivers license in there with some receipts so it wasn't such a huge lost. Just had to file a police report for my drivers licence and pretty much put a hold on my cards. Luckily no credit cards were in there. I had taken them out a week a ... Read the Post

Christmas Photos

After all of these photos you know what's the sad part, i didn't take any of myself :( really? Wow. Well here was my Christmas ..... I baked cake pops which came out great and spent lots of time with friends and family. Drake got tons of Thomas the Train stuff, it's insane now that i see it all in person.Drake threw a disgusting tantrum that i wanted to take all his toys and throw them out the window, all because he didn't want to say sorry for something he said that was unacceptable. Which honestly I would of let him sly if he wasn't making such a habit of it ... Read the Post

Winter Favorites

Everyone knows i am not a summer chick but one thing i love is cozy weather and although fall is my favorite season, sometimes you just need to enjoy the winter too. There's lots to love about it, the holidays, the snow, the mocha peppermint & gingerbread lattes (yum! I think I'm addicted) and the pretty decorations everywhere. I've been loving a few things this winter and these have hit my favorite list: These infinity scarfs, i love the colors! Sprinkles Cupcakes vanilla peppermint is delicious, i never had a cupcake with crushed peppermints but ... Read the Post

Holiday Wishlist

So i am usually a very easy person to shop for in the holiday season, i mean i really don't ask for much; anything usually makes me happy. This year though i can't help but have my eyes on some cool items that would be nice to have, just in case a family member is watching ;) . This is what i have been loving and wishing for this Holiday season.1 // Naked Pallet | As much as i love makeup i still haven't bought this for myself and i have heard great reviews on it. How it's really flexible and great pigmentation. 2 // Nikon Lens | I need a new and better lens, i ... Read the Post

Being Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, as the Holidays are approaching and things are super busy and fast pace, sometimes you just need to take a moment and be thankful for everything you have. Even though i am thankful everyday, at this time of year it really comes to a surprise as to how blessed i truly am. I am thankful for a few things this year, in no particular order: For my health | That i can see, hear, walk, talk and overall enjoy life. My friends & family | I have the best family and friends that are so supportive. For Drake entering our lives and ... Read the Post