Vegas Diaries

Last week we went to fabulous Las Vegas! It was a great time with friends and family. We got to witness a family member get married after 12 years together on April Fools Day, which to be honest I thought they were bluffing at first, but it happened! The wedding was beautiful! We had a great time, we stood at Treasure Island which was close to everything on Las Vegas Blvd. We hung out Downtown in Fremont which is where the "fun" people hang. I saw a lot of crazy things and a lot of people showing off their skills like this guy elevating in the air. Vegas was ... Read the Post

Road Trip Diaries | Ohio

This past weekend we drove out to Ohio to celebrate my cousins college commencement at YSU. I'm extremely proud of her she graduated top of her class with honors and was the student speaker for the class of 2013. She even made the news! Such an overachiever hahaha (its a joke i have with her) but seriously i am so proud of her. She was always a straight A student so she deserves the recognition from everyone. Check her out on the news: 21 News Now, More Local News for Youngstown, Ohio - We spent four days out in Ohio and boy was it nice. We ate, shopped, went ... Read the Post

Sesame Place

So this past Thursday, we took the kids to Sesame Place out in Pennsylvania for Kate's 7th Birthday. What a sweet time! The kids were so excited and I think Thomas and I enjoyed it more than the kids, and let me tell you the kids were excited. The parade was simply adorable, i mean it had me all smiles. They had tons of water rides which i was surprised to see, Drake loved the pool but the splashing water rides, not so much. I don't get him, he loves playing in pools or bath tubs but hates splashing or showers. So Count's Splash Castle was not his cup of tea ... Read the Post

Thomas’s Birthday Weekend

Had a wonderful time with my lovie for his 30th birthday! In the morning we went to a diner called Big Daddy's which is an awesome cute diner! Seriously it has so many old antique toys and posters and pictures of my favorite shows like 90210, Saved by the bell, Old lunch boxes, etc. on the walls. Amazing! The food was pretty great too we had their pancakes, I had the Cookie Dough pancake which came with a cookie too lol and Thomas had the Chocolate Fudge. We spent the day in NYC, going to Ripley's Believe it or Not and also Madame Tussauds. He loved it, he was ... Read the Post

Puerto Rico 2012 | Part 3 San Sebastian

If you ever find a Rex Cream (not sure if they are outside Puerto Rico) you must try them, my favorite one was the Maize flavor (corn) with cinnamon. We hung out in San Sebastian having ice cream, went to dinner and then eventually went out for more drinks (I told you my liver was crying out).  While out for drinks, the girls ended up riding an ATV. i personally preferred not too. lol ... Read the Post

Puerto Rico 2012 | Part 2 Beach/Pool Day!

After my not so sober first night in la isla bonita i was feeling like a new woman. We were all about hitting the pool/beach and soaking up the sun. We were trying to get Helen to dive but since she was terrified she looked well like this .....While in the pool we played Marco Polo which had me with anxiety. Now that i see the photos though i found myself laughing. My expressions pretty much say it all.   The following day all we did was hit the beach, it was great just drinking our beer/cocktail in the water. The first few days were great in that we just ... Read the Post

Puerto Rico 2012 | Part 1 We’ve arrived!

So i am back from my vacation to Puerto Rico! I kind of got home sick and i am actually happy to be back, although i did have a nice time with my friends. But there is just something about being home in your space and taking a shower with actual hot water and actual pressure that makes you glad your home and appreciate it, you feel me? lol well yea it was great, we went to the beach almost every day, ate like crazy and drank till our livers cried out stop. Here are a couple of pictures of our first few nights there. Our first night there we hit up ... Read the Post

A day at South Street Seaport

I love my beautiful city New York, seriously there is nothing boring about it. There are tons of shops, locations, restaurants to visit and you still won't see it all! This past weekend we took a day to hang out just my best friend Helen, her husband, the fiance and my brother Gabriel to just go and enjoy the south street seaport, and of course have dinner. I wont lie, the face that i live in NYC doesn't mean i do half of the things tourist love to come out here to try and see. This year I promised myself that i would take advantage more of the fact that i live in ... Read the Post

Puerto Rico | Preview

I have been pretty much in my own little world lately, i guess because summer came and i went on vacation and between all of the traveling and also other surprises in my life i haven't been around. I am back though with photos from our Puerto Rico vacation. Such a nice time with friends and family. Besides the constant rain it was nice to be back at the country where my family came from. ... Read the Post