Terrible Twos

Ever since we took in Drake we couldn’t be happier. He brings life to our home and is the most adorable little boy, honestly he is! But boy is he really testing us lately. I like to call it the terrible twos! Seriously he is on a roll touching things, throwing things, running away from us even when we are in the stores, and of course when you try to tell him no! he looks at you like “stop me”. Honestly i give mothers out there with children all under the age of five kudos. It’s pretty overwhelming because no matter how much time out you give them sometimes i feel like they are too young to understand. Here is a recent image of Drake and Kiara (bestfriends daughter who’s close to two) at the mall the other day.

We were shopping in H&M and they just wanted to both run around the store and of course touch things. In a blink of an eye they are gone, i’m seriously considering putting a leash on this kid! (Just kidding) but yes the hand method of “holding hands” does not work with him either, he fusses and tried to remove his hand. So yes, i know this is a stage but i give a lot of respect to mothers out there with young children, especially the ones with more than one and that are a few years or a year apart.

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