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momanddonovanSo I lost my wallet, yea! I was shopping with my sister and mom and I must have gotten distracted with Drake that I thought I put my wallet back in my diaper bag, and it must of fell onto the floor. You know what’s the crazy thing though ….. I wasn’t so upset. I mean yea it sucks that I lost it but I only had my debit card and drivers license in there with some receipts so it wasn’t such a huge lost. Just had to file a police report for my drivers licence and pretty much put a hold on my cards. Luckily no credit cards were in there. I had taken them out a week a back, while trying to cut back on spending. While out there I was in Starbucks and did you know they have these cool charging stations now?! Or am I late in the game? Seriously I was so hype when I saw these and of course i had to give it a try, it works pretty fast at charging too.starbuckschargeryonkersmbabybunnydonovansittingdonovanmamarooDonovan is sitting up on his own, it’s the cutest thing. We sat him in a booster for the first time the other day while out at a friends restaurant. He also loves to fall asleep in his mamaroo which makes my life so much easier when I’m trying to get things done around the house. Things like getting the kids easter baskets done.easterbasketsdrakehaircutWe got Drake a much needed haircut. He is really willing to sit down now and let the barber do his thing. Before he would always fight and they would try to entertain him with TV or toys but now he will just sit and watch tv calmly. Can’t believe he’s going to be six this weekend.theboyseasterI hope everyone had a beautiful Easter Weekend, ours was pretty sweet. I got the boys the cutest matching outfits at H&M for easter! Love their clothing line for kids. On Easter we woke up extra early which Drake wasn’t too thrilled about, and headed to the earliest service at our church. The lines at our church get insanely big on Easter and I really wanted to dodge the late wakers. Which ended up working out great! After service we had enough time to have brunch at a spot called hello bklyn in Williamsburg.sisters momanddonovanhellobklynbrunchtimebrunch-brooklynbrunchThe food was crazy good! I had the french toast sandwich while my sister had a pesto mozzarella and tomatoes sandwich which we split half and half 🙂 The banana nut muffin with egg and cheese puree was amazing too. I loved this wall mural that they had in the restaurant, while we were there they played old school 90’s hiphop and r&b it was a nice flashback.
brooklynbiggiedumboAfter brunch we went to hang in Dumbo Brooklyn and of course i had to get a shot of us but the wind and sun was not in our favor lol.lambcakeThen we got the cutest lambie cake to cut for easter, which was delicious! It’s from our favorite bake shop called Rivieras Bake Shop in Westchester then we pretty much relaxed the rest of the day. I love how the spring is early this year. It was so nice seeing everyone dressed up and the little kids with their easter outfits on. The church service was amazing, at the end of the day it’s all about our savior. I hope you all had an amazing weekend!


  1. What a great update. I’m so sorry about your wallet, that’s so annoying. I love H+M and these outfits for your little ones are WAY TOO CUTE. Happy Easter to you guys. xx

    • Yes H&M has the most amazing things for kids, I go crazy in there every time. The wallet ordeal was annoying for sure but I got everything updated and they finally sent me new cards so I’m glad thats over with 🙂 lol.

  2. I had no idea Starbucks had charging stations!! I’m sure here in Texas we don’t have any of those yet, but I will be on the lookout 🙂

    Your boys’ H&M outfits are too cute! I went to the H&M store for kids a few months ago with a friend who has kids and I was surprised how cute all their outfits were. I know where I’ll shop for kids from now on!

    OMG, french toast sandwich? girl that sounds amaze! Looks like you guys had a swell Easter weekend!!! It IS about our savior that’s for sure <3

    • Yes H&M is insanely cute with their kid clothing line, I have to control myself when I’m in there. The Starbucks charging stations are new so I’m sure eventually all the Starbucks will be having them, although I don’t know how they are going to prevent people from walking out with them because they aren’t attached to anything, its very easy for people to take them. We shall see maybe they’re testing it out.

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