The Weekly | Vegas & Showers

He is growing pretty quickly. He is already 23 lbs! I’m telling you I don’t know what’s in my breastmilk, its like super milk or something because the kid is growing insanely fast. It’s kind of a funny joke I guess most breastfeeding mommas joke about. He’s the cutest chubster though, I love him like this. He’s so chubby he got a shot in his thigh and didn’t even flinch. I think I was more scared than he was lol.IMG_0403 donovanHe loves to sit up and look around at what’s going on. My mom recently purchased him a walker and at first I was against it, I felt like he was still too small to be in it. He is only five months old and I didn’t want to put too much pressure on his legs. This walker though doesn’t seem too do that which is great. He mostly sits in it for now and pushes back when he wants too. He seems to be enjoying it.
babywalker We recently came back from Vegas for a family members wedding. It was amazing fun everyday. Lots of eating out, partying and trying tons of cool drinks haha, I really missed my boys though.IMG_0231food mylovieandiWe also celebrated my friend Rachel’s baby shower this past weekend. It was such a cute anchor/sailor theme. The shower was in the cutest rustic place and I am considering having Donovan’s 1st Birthday there. We shall see, I hope everyone had a great week!babyshower

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