The Weekly | Spring Time & The Boys

Life has been pretty sweet lately. I got a lot of stuff done that I’ve been meaning to do and now that it’s all done I feel like I’m super mom! Ever get that feeling, like nothing can stop you? I love it! I did a lot of shopping and walking around since the weather was beautiful this week. I’m happy spring is here early, we’re enjoying the weather and it feels great to get out the apt with the kids.drakeanddonovanwalk britaxaffinityI have been loving my Britax Affinity stroller. It’s so easy to interchange the car seat/bassinet. I just pop it in and go, especially with the car seat. Right now I am not using the original seat that comes with it because Donovan is still little. I can’t wait for summer days though when we can take the kids to the parks and I can finally start using it. I am currently loving the Stroller Organizer as well, it holds a lot! It has two cup holders a magnetic flip top section in the middle where you can store snacks, keys, lip gloss, you name it! Then in the front it has mesh pockets which are great to hold your cell phone or other quick access items. The toy I have attached is the World of Eric Carle, Worm which you can attach to your stroller/car seat. Donovan loves it, it plays music and has crinkly paper noises with a little rolling rattle which makes him stare at all the bright colors. It’s my favorite toy for him right now.

Want to hear something crazy! So we took the kids to go see Zootopia which they loved by the way, and while there I accidentally threw out Drake’s prescribed glasses in the recycling bin thinking it was the 3D glasses the theater gives you. I mean they look exactly the same! I couldn’t find it though, an employee tried looking in the bin but it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. I don’t know how we couldn’t see it. They took my phone number down and told me they would call me if it came up, but I didnt recieve a call, so now I have to buy him a new pair. That was an expensive movie day but oh well! It just sucked cause he just got those glasses a week ago!

The rest of the weekend we got to relax a bit at home and watch some random television shows. I have finished watching all the series that I mentioned before and I just starting watching The Returned and oh my goodness it is so good! While home I got some sweet shots of the boys, Drake of course was being silly 🙂 they are so interesting at that stage haha.d5 dd4 dd3 dd2 dd1

I hope you had a good weekend! xo.

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