Things Making Me Happy Lately

I won’t lie there are times when I’m in a funk during quarantine. I mean I’m grateful we are all home and safe but sometimes I feel lost in the day. Anyone with me? I’m honestly just trying to organize myself while staying on top of the kids school work, cooking, you name it! It can all be overwhelming at times and that’s not including our usually tasks at home. I have been trying to keep busy, learn new things as well as try to figure out and organize myself. Here are a collection of things that have been making me happy lately, keeping me organized and quite honestly having this time pass by:

Asana | So I was looking at a you tubers video and they mentioned Asana, and I thought, hey let me give it a try. I feel like sometimes all my goals and projects are all over the place and I’ve come to the realization that I am a digital planner. I rather have it on my phone and throughout all my devices than carrying a notebook and updating it on there. So when I saw that this website is kind of like a notebook/calendar to assign all your tasks and your to dos I was hooked. It takes a little getting use too but I got the hang of it in two days and now I find myself filling it out all the time and using it side by side with my iCal/Notes Apps. It’s organizing all my content plans in one place which I really like most. You can also use it with team mates if you have any.

Animal Crossing New Horizon | I’m not a video gamer, the most I’ve gamed was maybe some Mario when I was younger and The Sims when I was older. One thing I bumped into during quarentine one day was the Animal Crossing Game. I saw it was the newest game out so I researched it and was instantly curious. It seemed like another FarmVille/The Sims style game, two games I enjoyed a lot when I was younger. So I said, heck why not and bought it and I’ve been hooked. I have to control myself into not playing this all day because, sheesh there is so much you can do on it. It’s played in real time, So it goes by current calendar time. I didn’t realize how many people of all ages are addicted to this game 😆 it’s honestly so cute, I mean this Grandma gets us!

Being able to Organize more | Some people might not find this something that makes them happy but I thrive on organization and if my home is organized I feel like I can get things done and function more. Having the time now to put things where I need it, declutter and organize certain areas I didn’t have much time to do before is making me happy. I like finding things organized and in its place at all times and it also helps me feel more relaxed and less stress finding things.

Going Outside | With everyone avoiding going outside and socializing, just going out and taking a walk is so invigorating. The kids get to enjoy it and honestly let some of that energy out which is much needed from being home all day. It’s so crazy how we took these simple things for granted. I live in the city so everyone is on top of each other and I don’t have a backyard to go out and relax in. So out here we go for walks around the neighborhood or local parks. I love to go out and just see sun and breathe fresh air. So I’ve been making it my business to go for walks outside more often even if for half an hour to get some fresh air from being inside so much.

Making new Recipes | I have been diving into making things from scratch a lot lately which I didn’t think I was going to love and do! I mean it’s so easy because 90% of the stuff I already have at home to make the item from scratch which I wasn’t as aware of before (shows how much I cook). I was making a lot of pre-made items or packaged stuff like aunt Jemima’s pancakes instead of just making my own from scratch. It’s been nice trying new recipes and learning along the way. The fact that I don’t have to rush meals is nice compared to when I was working and trying to just get it on the table. Hey either way works. I don’t knock any persons way of cooking as long as they get it done is all that matters. Moms in general work hard and whatever can make it a little easier along the way is ok too.

Bible Study | with so much uncertainty around us I have been trying really hard to keep the focus on important things and keeping away from the media. Getting up early or even in the evenings to read my bible, meditate and journal my favorite scriptures has helped me keep joy and optimism during this scary time.

Amazon Shopping! I mean they have been so reliable when it came to buying things during quarantine. I mean I have abused my prime membership this month 😂 between buying our groceries with FRESH and just buying little things here and there for home and just for fun, amazon has been my jam! I’ll be sharing a couple of my favorite things I bought on there a little later on this week.

What has been lifting your spirits during this quarantine time?

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