Vegas Diaries

Last week we went to fabulous Las Vegas! It was a great time with friends and family. We got to witness a family member get married after 12 years together on April Fools Day, which to be honest I thought they were bluffing at first, but it happened! The wedding was beautiful! We had a great time, we stood at Treasure Island which was close to everything on Las Vegas Blvd.treasureisland vegasstrip freemonteast We hung out Downtown in Fremont which is where the “fun” people hang. I saw a lot of crazy things and a lot of people showing off their skills like this guy elevating in the air.elevatingman lasvegas venetianVegas was surprisingly kind of cold, especially at night. I thought it was going to be hot but I got a surprise when I got there at night and the wind was blowing. Luckily for us though the weather got better as the days there went on. When it was close to us leaving Vegas to head back home the weather got super hot. So we got to enjoy some pool time for a day at least. In the meantime we spent most of our time indoors trying different restaurants like this one place inside the Mirage called The Pantry, I loved everything about it! The place was very Rustic Fresh if that’s even a saying haha, It had white subway tiles all around with rustic wood tables and cute jars for jam and the way they plated your food in these cute cast iron pans made it all the better! The food was also delicious!foodWe did a lot of shopping at local malls next to Treasure Island which is where we stood.oxygenbar2 oxygenbar oxygenbar4 oxygenbar3We obviously had a lot of frozen drinks, I mean of course we did we’re in Vegas! I had so many drinks that one day we stopped at an Oxygen bar to revive and refresh. Ever try one of those? It’s suppose to help waken you and make you feel more refreshed and alert and less tired and stressed. They use aromatherapy with pure oxygen and give you fabulous massages that by the time I left there I felt 100 times better. I was skeptical at first but it was pretty great! Only to continue some more drinking …..drinktime thomascheesing thomaslili The important part of the whole trip was we saw Thomas cousin get married. It was the most fun and simplest yet beautiful wedding I’ve been too. Sometimes that’s all that matters, not all the craziness that weddings bring, but just having your loved ones together and enjoying it.vegaswedding weddingvegas mylovieandi IMG_0231 coupleweddingAfterwards we went to eat at a Mexican restaurant with tons of unlimited Margaritas (I sound like an alcoholic).poolsideBefore we left we got to enjoy a day at the pool after a couple of chilly days. The weather was so sunny I actually caught some good color for just one day in the pool. I spent $16.00 on a bottle of sunblock for being unprepared and to only have it taken away from me by airport security 🙁 what a waste. Well anyway we definitely want to go back again with friends. We want to do a lot more things like visit the Grand Canyon! Also I want to see more shows. I got to see Cirque Du Soleil Mystere which was amazing and super funny!mysteiereHave you ever been to Las Vegas? If so what are your favorite things to do out there? I want to get more ideas on places to visit the next time I go.

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