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These next few months around here I will be discussing a lot more about wedding stuff. Wedding Registries, Oh how overwhelming they can be! One of the joys of planning a wedding is creating a wedding registry! Lots of family and friends will be asking you where you are registered at and it’s good to get that out the way early. So here are my tips on creating a registry and what are the basics I would recommend to get on the registry first.


Places I Registered at:

Bed Bath & Beyond | If you are into getting a wide range of items and at all types of prices, this is the one stop place that is super convenient. Their completion discount is 10% which is great considering you can get those 20% discounts they send you in the mail and emails added to your purchase. Their return policy is also super easy, no questions, no stress just return.

Kohl’s | This is also a great department store with discount benefits but you really need to know how to work Kohls discounts. You see sometimes if you are a random new customer at Kohls, you don’t know how easily you can rack up kohl’s cash and extra discounts. So if you were shopping there for the first time the prices may seem a little over priced compared to let’s say Target or Bed Bath & Beyond. What you don’t know is that Kohls always has sales and then they send you discounts 15/20/30% off your purchase in the mail if you have a kohl’s charge card. So the key is to get a kohl’s charge card ….. so you can receive coupons and so you can use that on top of their sales (and only when their items are on sale i recommend you use the additional discount and shop) and you have to make sure it’s a time that you can earn kohl’s cash for every $50 purchase. The way kohl’s cash works is for every $50.00 you spend you get $10.00 back in Kohls cash to use in the store to buy more stuff. It’s like a gift card in the form of a certificate. But it’s sort of like a coupon although its a store credit because it has an expiration date. So you need to use it before it expires. I usually like to use it when they have another sale and have the 10/20/30% discounts they send you in the mail, and earn kohl’s cash again. To get the best bang for your buck, when you receive let’s say a coupon less than 30% off, let’s say 20% off don’t use it! Just go onto and get their 30% off coupon code online and do your shopping online instead. Use your old kohl’s cash you earned last time and only buy things when they have their items on sale and the chance to earn kohl’s cash (Because it comes and goes it’s not all the time you can earn kohl’s cash) and you can earn more kohl’s cash for that recent purchase. So this is great for a registry because you get a 15% discount to complete your registry and you can use your kohl’s cash and coupons too. Super savings! Oh and depending on how much people buy off your registry you also get 10% ever after rewards which i believe they give you in the form of kohl’s cash from the items purchased off your registry, even better! For that you don’t need a kohl’s card. Only annoying thing is that kohl’s is always running out of items or changing prices and you really need to know how to shop at kohl’s and always update out of stock items. Oh also your friends and family receive 20% off just for purchasing off your registry. Their return policy is great as well.

Target | I registered here more for convenience for friends and family because i know they are always in target, so i gave them three options. That and i know target has cute things as well and at great prices. So yea, their completion discount is 10%, I am not sure about their return polices i have heard a lot of drama and happy comments about Target but oh well, i will fill you in if i get annoyed.

Ok so here are the top 10 things I registered for and am excited about:


  • Fine China/Casual Dinnerware | Even if you don’t think you want it now, you might as your get older, it’s mainly for entertaining or for holidays and special occasions. Now a days there are so many lovely options out there from super fancy to simple and elegant. If you aren’t into the thin fancy porcelain, then choose something a little more casual. That’s how i feel about  china so I chose this set from Lenox called french perle. It’s simple yet elegant too. The one to the right is my everyday dishes from food network, I like the square clean white look, it matches with everything even the white serving platters i registered for. The china as well, no matter what occasion or holiday it will all work well together with whatever color scheme.
  • kitchenaidbKitchen Aid Mixer & Blender | I love the tangerine color and that is what I got, my aunt bought me it and I can’t wait to whip up some stuff with this machine. You can also get lots of cool attachments for it like a pasta maker, ice-cream maker and a citrus squeezer as well, I had to also register for the matching blender :).
  • sgandfpWe wanted glasses that were both functional and classy for multiple things. I fell in love with these stemless wine glasses for wine or OJ you name it. These are a bit fancier I also registered for more simple plain stemless glasses. You also can’t not get a 9 cup food processor. Makes chopping, dicing, slicing a breeze!
  • gbThis Griddler from cuisine art which is cool with two different plates, a grill side and a flat griddler side for pancakes etc. They also have the waffle plates too. This is great for breakfast to whip up multiple items at once, and you can use it as a pinini press as well. Then I also registered for some great bakeware from CorningWare. I wanted something simple white again that matches with any table setting and can go from freezer to oven to table in a snap.
  • oknWe wanted a toaster that was a 4 slice slot but we decided on this one Oster long toaster that can also function as four slice toaster or hold long slices which is three times better and it saves room. Also we tried to register for a good knife set, I didn’t want something that was cheap that will dull quickly, although it is not the best, it is pretty good and has great reviews at a reasonable price so we went with the Calphalon Contemporary 17 piece set. If you don’t mind registering for a more expensive set then go for it, you won’t have to replace them later.

These are the staple items we really wanted and some other obvious things we needed as well, like baking supplies, tools, utensils, decor items you name it. For a list of things to register for, this list is very helpful so you won’t forget anything. What was your favorite thing to register for, or you felt like you needed or even if you didn’t need it what was a must have?!

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