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wr1This week was pretty fun. I finally got the girls together so they can go pick out their bridesmaids dress. Let me just tell you that the first store we went to was horrendous. They wanted us to take our shoes off, and it looked like we walked into a thrift store instead of a bridal store ….. more on that another time.

I have been watching what I eat and so far  I’m down  7 lbs down. I got really into avocados lately. They are pretty awesome with just about anything. Great thing they’re a good fat, if not it would be sad cause I’m enjoying it big time.wr2Drake has been really into going down the stairs after school instead of taking the school elevator. He likes to tell me let’s go exercise down the stairs nana. So of course I do as he says. Kids get excited about the weirdest things.

My room is piling up with things from my wedding registry, I am running out of space to put things. Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful for receiving them, I just have to figure out what to do with it all before it gets out of hand and then I really lose space. Maybe I just have to accept that it will be messy around here for a while till after the wedding.wr6I’ve also really been enjoying red wine lately. On new years I got pissy drunk off of it, haha I mean really bad. The next morning I had the worst hangover ever. That is not why I’ve been enjoying it lately though. It’s just something I have learned to enjoy more and more and I really would love to go on a wine tasting tour one day.wr3The weather has been crazy lately here in NYC. One minute it’s 9 degrees and it feels like its freezing and then it goes back up to the 40’s and 50’s. This weekend has been really warm and rainy.

I was walking around A.C. Moore yesterday and I came across the acrylic paint section, talk about color eye candy 🙂 made me want to paint again, just for fun really. Well I hope everyone is having a great weekend! xo Liliana

P.S. You guys I bought a planner, I can’t fudging stay away from stationary and I really thought I was okay with my digital calendar but I saw a Martha Stewart one and fell in love, and well, I have a paper planner ….. more on that another time.



    • Liliana says

      Yes, because she didn’t want snow slush in her salon, mind you the place had carpet so god knows who had foot fungus and was walking around those floors and it didn’t even look clean.

  1. kathy @ vodka and soda says

    so many yeses for this post! congrats on the 7lbs loss! avocados are my favorite. since i started eating 1/2 every day, my hair and skin have improved 100%!

    • Liliana says

      Really? I forgot avocados helped in those areas. Oh wow now I am looking forward to that, my skin has been so dry lately and i would really like my hair to get stronger. Even more reason to eat avocados! num num!

  2. Amber Johnstone says

    YUM, avocados are so good, and really healthy! Nice on dropping seven lbs, that’s pretty good 🙂 the weather here has also been really erratic! really cold, and really warm on and off. luckily today is a warm day! have fun with the planner- i’ve found that having a day planner really helps me organize!


    • Liliana says

      Yes i agree too, i thought i could stick to digital, i mean i was for quite some time now but then it started to get really busy with the wedding and i really needed to see things in my face at a glance. Plus i like the fact that i can write something asap or draw something quickly as an idea.

  3. Kai says

    i totally feel you on the paper planner. theyre a necessity. i bought a little black one for $4 thinking that anything would do but now i am desperate for something cuter!

    yay for 7 lbs down!!

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