The Weekly | Goodbye February

I cannot believe February has come to an end, where does the time go. It’s kind of crazy because today I was sitting at home just thinking about how fast the time is going and how Drake is going to be 6 and Donovan already 4 months, It’s like life feels so fast the older we get. Like there is never enough time to just absorb it all and enjoy it. It’s king of scary to me at times, All I keep thinking is one day my boys will be big, I will be old and I worry I might not get to fully enjoy it all like I really should. Life is always rush, rush, rush. Ever think that way?

This week the weather was beautiful out here in NYC it went up to the 50’s and we took the kids to the park for a bit to burn some of that crazy energy they have. Right before we left Thomas thought it would be a good idea to put Donovan on the swing, I nearly had a heart attach but once I saw that he could hold his head up I just thought it was the cutest thing.

babyswing babyswing2 donovandroolingDonovan has also been drooling like crazy, that teething stage is no joke. Drake has been in love with being a big brother, he is always trying to hold the baby but I have to stop him at times because lately he has been coming home with all these germs and colds from school and I’m constantly lysoling the place lol.

drakeanddonovan drakeredvelvetmexicanfood Yesterday we had lunch at the Cheesecake factory, drake was going in on his red velvet cheesecake. We had the Dulce de Leche cheesecake and it was so good! After that we did a little shopping and I stopped into the container store. I fell in love with these mini colorful cabinets. They have tons of color options! I will be picking one up one day.


I hope everyone had a fab weekend!

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