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Hope your weekend was great, mine was okay, I enjoyed it, if i do say so myself! What happened this week well a few good and bad things.

  • My Macbook screen cracked. I was so pissed. I went to grab it and I guess my thumb pressed the screen hard when I went to pick it up because it crushed under the pressure. Now I have to find a computer repair shop. The good thing though is that it’s on the black side and peeking a little in to the main screen and faintly in the middle so it doesn’t obstruct my vision on the computer, its just off more on the side.IMG_8615
  • My baby bear turned four, he got three cakes and tons of gifts.DSC_0233
  • I started watching the series Once upon a Time thanks to Liz ….. i like it a lot so far. It’s fairy tale mixed with real adult life 🙂 not cheesy in my opinion.
  • I got my wedding invitations in the mail. Wow, they honestly came out beautiful! Cannot wait to share them.
  • I switched to Retro Fitness Gym so that i could work out with my friend. I like the fact that they have a movie theatre with treadmills!IMG_8513
  • The weather was beautiful this weekend except it was really windy which didn’t make it that warm. We took the kids and the dogs to the park where we let them eat ice-cream and burn some energy.IMG_8530IMG_8543☺️ My lovie and my doggy! #yorkie #brooklyn #lolaIMG_8548Sponge Bob looks like he’s on something! lol
  • Drake and I did a facial mask together lol 🙂 one that I love and will be sharing. He actually enjoyed it very much!fun time with my nene! #spaday #facemask #blue

How was your weekend?!


  1. Awww… hahaha… the face mask pictures are so cute! 🙂
    I’ve heard good things about Once Upon a Time but I just can’t wrap my mind around the concept!

    • I’m not into cheesy shows, but even though it has fairy tail story around it, it’s still really getting my attention. I’m still trying to get the concept myself though :-/ I’m like, what’s the point, get to it already!

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