The Weekly | Snow & Wedding Prep.

Hi my loves! This week has been a little ….. busy. I won’t lie I have not been too organized here lately, I have a whole bunch of other things going on now. As the wedding is really coming to a reality now I am a little more focused on it lately. It’s one thing to pin a whole bunch of images on Pinterest and say this is what my dream wedding will look like and another thing actually finalizing decisions and figuring out costs. It’s crazy how Pinterest makes it seem super easy till it’s time to pick, choose and compare prices. eek!

So what have I been up to this week?!

I said yes to a dress! No it is not this one although when I walked into the bridal salon I thought it was beautiful:


I fell in love with this mini cake that my sister got at a birthday party. Talk about fancy smanshy. Yes it was equally delicious.IMG_7699

Lola has been creepy lately staring at her shadow and barking lol. She will stand there for about 5 minutes straight staring lol.IMG_7712

After finding my dress I went shoe shopping. I had already got a beautiful pair of heels that were too tight around my ankles so I went to Macy’s in Herald Square to exchange them ….. No i did not select these but I loved the bow.IMG_7716

Drake and Thomas had fun taking photos in front of the football manequines.IMG_7729IMG_7735

Then it snowed a lot in NYC. This winter has been crazy with the snow and supposedly there is a bigger snow storm coming today so, yea not excited about more slush and ice. Even though I love how New York looks like a winter wonderland.IMG_7739IMG_7740My morning some will be proud! Addressing till my hands fall off! #savethedates #lilianaandthomasSince we were snowed in, I didn’t have work which was a great time to catch up on my save the dates and mail them out. So I got that crossed off my list. I have many more to go. I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend. xo Lili.


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