The Weekly : The Lion King!

This week has been one of the snowiest weeks ever! I usually don’t mind winter but it has been so slippery out that I wasn’t enjoying it too much, not to mention my windshield wipers froze and my door was frozen shut and it was just a mess to get the car and wipers to start working again! I’m just ready for some pretty spring weather now, I get it people! I get why you hate winter!snow day365 | Day 64

Drake has been loving this weather though, he was in shock when he saw we got so much snow because he has been seeing a little bit here and there, but the other day it snowed 4-7 inches and he was in heaven playing in it. Anyway, last week I got to see the Lion King on Broadway! Wow it was amazing! My sister got my mother and I tickets for our birthday. I’ve heard about it all the time but never bothered to go see it, not that I didn’t want to, I just didn’t think to go buy the tickets I guess. My sister knows I love broadway shows so she got us the tickets and let me just say it is definitely all what it’s hyped up to be. What an amazing show, and if you’re in the NYC area anytime soon, please buy tickets to see it! You won’t be disappointed. I think what I loved most about it was the soundtrack of the show was so beautiful, and the props! Oh my, the props were amazing! I wish I could of took a lot of photos of the show, I had to sneak some in because they were so strict with picture taking in there. I understand, but still.IMG_25940IMG_2585365 | Day 63So on a side note, I started a diet again. Yes I know it’s a lifestyle change and I get that and that’s what I’m working on. Right now I am using myfitnesspal to track everything that I am eating, and then I will be hitting the gym daily and I’m going to try to include some High Interval Training in there. I decided to start because I really let myself go in 2014. I was doing so good trying to drop the weight for my wedding but then the stress got the best of me and all I could do was stuff my face with food. Then I felt like, ah whatever I’ll be whatever weight I need to be for my wedding I am not going to drive myself nuts about it on top of everything else I have to do. So then months past the wedding went by and we were moving, learning to live with each other and well I wont lie I wasn’t watching what I was eating and just began to gain more weight. It was a mixture of happy weight because Thomas and I would bake cookies, or snacks and it was also due to stress. So yea now I am trying to at least get down some and stop buying junk food in all and bringing it in my home. So we went grocery shopping on Saturday to pick up some stuff. Drake didn’t help though because he kept asking for the cupcakes in the bakery, this is going to be hard.365 | Day 66

Yesterday I just spent some time at my moms house and hung out with my fur babies. Since they aren’t living with me I miss them so much! I was watching TV and this is how Chloe decided to sleep on me the whole time. Is your dog lazy as they get older, I feel like Chloe sleeps 90% of the time. She never wants to move unless she’s outside.365 | Day 67Hope everyone has a great weekend!


    • haha I heard that it snows in Texas and people freak out all the time. Is it true that it’s because they don’t have enough snow plow trucks in the area? I love snow, it’s beautiful, I just wish it didn’t turn into ugly slush :).

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