The Weekly | Week of New Years.

This week things have been getting a little better as I pick up the routine of things. Grandma is feeling much better although she is having a little difficulty breathing, she’s stable and that’s what matters.


I went to see wicked as part of my christmas present from Thomas and I loved it! What a wonderful show. If you’re even in NYC it’s a must see! I might be a little late seeing it but from what I heard, lots of people see it more than once ….. it’s that good! So yea go see it!

365 | Day 1365 | Day 3

I have been on a complete cleaning frenzy lately. I cannot see any dust, or anything out of place. I am also still trying to figure out how to decorate my living room. It’s coming along pretty nicely but I’m thinking of changing the color in the living room to maybe a dark accent wall and everywhere else a light grey/white tone. I love the look of the black, white and silver so that’s what i’m kind of going for. Ill share more pics once I am done.

IMG_2073 IMG_2078

I also stopped by ikea to pick up some frames for my photo wall. I wanted to do a picture collage in the living room but I’m trying to figure out how many frames I want to add or how to lay it out. I was even in Ikea laying it out on the floor, good thing a customer didn’t go through that aisle! Hey, it helped though! I got my frames and I was out of there.

I’m kind of excited about this new year, I am so ready to forget 2014, although it was a beautiful year because I married my best friend and I have a bunch of wonderful memories like my bachelorette and shower, it was also a very stressful year. I look forward to getting a lot of things done this year and focusing on my goals. Time to get busy!

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