The Weekly | Snow Time!

The weather has been cold around here lately, it even started to snow. Something about the white snow that is so peaceful and beautiful, I mean it’s a vision out here in New York too with all the tall buildings and trees covered in snow. My kids instantly get excited when they see the snow, because in New York it’s not often that it comes down. The roads are slippery and I won’t lie it’s a mission lugging a 6 year old and a 1 year old in the snow. One wants to play and kick snow everywhere when we’re trying to get somewhere nice and a little dry and the other is screaming his head off because he doesn’t like the feeling of the cold snow and wind on his face. I mean it’s a mission just to get into the car sometimes! Donovan did not like the snow at all. I was so sure he would.

I’m kind of sad that the Holidays are over guys! I just started taking down the decorations today because we wait until three kings day, but boy even though it went up early and down late, it makes me sad to see the tree going down. i don’t know if it’s because of the holidays being over or more because now my apt feels so bare and boring without the decor up. Anyone else feels this way? Either way, it’s an adjustment to see the home without the Christmas decor after you take it all down.Donovan has been on pure destroy mode lately. All Christmas season he was not so bad, obviously he was a little curious touching but once Christmas day passed he was going into anything he can get his hands on. He tore out a couple of my ornaments from the tree, broke three, when all season he didn’t break any and he has been opening cabinets, drawers, hiding remotes you name it. Phew this gets me tired just typing it up, but I am chasing him all day everyday these days. The joys of a 14 month old.

New Years was pretty nice. We spent it with Family and Friends. I thought my kids were gonna knock out before the ball dropped because they have a strict bedtime, but they were wide eyed bushy tail all night! Maybe because of all the music and lights in the place. Unfortunately after the ball dropped Drake got sick and vomitted which made us have to cut the party short and head home. Turns out he had the stomach bug that was going around. Luckily it didn’t pass around to Donovan or myself.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

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