The Weekly | Summer Beginning

usThe beginning of summer is pretty nice here in New York. The weather is beautiful, we escaped some storms but these past few days have been sunny and breezy. The kids are almost done with school, and we’ve been taking them for walks and to the park a lot. Anything to keep them busy and outside the apartment. Speaking of apartments, I have been in cleaning mode x1o0 but what else is new with me, I’m always cleaning. I always have this urge to clean the house upside down when the weather changes. It’s not just spring cleaning, it’s seasonal I guess.donovanshoppingYesterday we picked up some diapers and baby food for Donovan. He is finally sitting up in the shopping cart without tipping over! He loves it and I put him inside the shopping cart cover which are a major plus! I’ve always seen moms pushing their kids in these and thought, ahh what a waste of money! Now that I’m using it and I feel stupid, it’s extremely helpful and the babies love to put their mouths on things so these are so handy with it’s soft plush cover. It’s also great to prevent from germs, obviously.tulipsI have loved going to Trader Joes lately to pick up flowers for my dining table. They have a huge selection at such great prices. I put my friend on to it and she was surprised how cheap the bouquets are, out here in NY a bouquet can run you $20-$45 dollars depending on what you get. Trader Joes has flowers bouquets starting at $5.00! So I’ve been picking up their tulips lately.pineapplechickenThomas has been my personal chef lately, gotta love a husband that cooks! He has been learning a lot at the fire house, and sometimes he just likes inventing his own meals. Last night he whipped up coconut rice with pineapple chicken and it was delicious, I cleaned the plate! So Good! I think he has a secret talent that he doesn’t know about!netflixandchillI have been officially addicted too Once Upon A Time on Netflix. I have been binge watching it for a month now and love it! Who knew they could mix fairy tales with real life, I know I’m late with it, but I love the idea!donovananddrakedonovanplayingDonovan has been loving his exersaucer. He is constantly bouncing around in it and loves interacting with everything on it. Drake plays with him while he’s on it from time to time as well. If you follow me on snapchat, you can see him from time to time getting crazy on there 🙂 It’s the cutest thing.

Anyway I hope everyone had a fun and productive week! What have you been up to as summer time begins?

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