Summer Beginnings

As a person who can't stand the summer heat, I gotta be honest it hasn't been that awful this year. Summer is winning me over so far and I am loving everyday of it. I have been really busy and have a lot of upcoming events so maybe that's why, usually in the winter I have so much free time. Also the weather has been pretty nice lately in NYC it's not as humid as usual and if it is it usually rains the next day which cools it down a lot. The kids have been enjoying the summer. I have been keeping them busy by checking out some local spots in NYC and taking them to ... Read the Post

The Weekly | Snow Time!

The weather has been cold around here lately, it even started to snow. Something about the white snow that is so peaceful and beautiful, I mean it's a vision out here in New York too with all the tall buildings and trees covered in snow. My kids instantly get excited when they see the snow, because in New York it's not often that it comes down. The roads are slippery and I won't lie it's a mission lugging a 6 year old and a 1 year old in the snow. One wants to play and kick snow everywhere when we're trying to get somewhere nice and a little dry and the other is ... Read the Post

Tsum Tsum Carnival 1st Birthday!

This theme was such a fun theme to work with. I've always loved Disney Tsum Tsums! I wanted a way to incorporate it into my son's 1st birthday party without it being girly, so I decided to do a fun carnival theme. The rich reds, turquoise, and yellows made it more carnival like and I love the variety of Tsum Tsum characters so every child was able to go home with their own character from popular Disney Characters to Marvel Characters. They have it all! Credits Below: Cake, Mini Cakes and Sugar Towers: There Should Always Be Cake Dessert Sugar Cookies, ... Read the Post

Donovan | Month Twelve

One year since you blessed me my sweet Donovan, and every day you seem to amaze me more with your happy attitude. You are honestly one of the best things that has happened to me and learning your personality brings joy to my heart. You are now walking without much help from anyone, you walk all around the house and love to get into things. You're 28lbs and 30.5 inches long, sometimes I feel so out of breath carrying you! You love to ask for food everytime someone is eating and are not picky eating! You love to make noise and scream all of a sudden, it's kind of ... Read the Post

Donovan | Month Eleven

At eleven months I feel like your curiosity is on a whole other level. You love to get your hands on anything that's put in front of you and sometimes we have to act fast before you put it in your mouth. Why do babies like to put everything in their mouths?! It's so sweet to watch you standing on your own and trying to take a couple of steps. You're kind of lazy though and give up a too easily :) but I'm in no rush because I know eventually I will have to be chasing after you lol. You currently wear 12-18 months in clothing. You have 7 teeth and are loving ... Read the Post

Donovan | Month Ten

It hit me that in two months you will be one years old. How does the time go so fast. You are such a blessing and have really given me an interesting month. This month you are beyond curious, i feel like you act like a toddler already. You are grabbing everything you can get your hands on and putting it in your mouth. You officially have mastered crawling and almost walking. You will walk holding on to everything near you, everyone says you will be walking by next month and I believe it. You're 26 lbs and still wear 12-18 months although I feel like you're more ... Read the Post

Donovan | Month Nine

At month nine you are such a curious little boy, you are into touching everything and unfortunately I now have to start baby proofing the house. I love seeing you look around the home curious touching everything though, even when i try to trick you in hiding the items, you know exactly where it is and will fight till you get it back. Pretty funny actually how smart you are. Right now you are really into playing with the xbox remote. You love how the button lights up. I sometimes have to trick you by taking out the batteries but you get uninterested once i do that ... Read the Post

Donovan | Month Eight

My sweet little boy you've been super active lately, I have been trying to keep up with you. I can't believe eight months have come and gone and you're already babbling away, standing up, and semi crawling. At eight months you like eating solid foods regularly, and boy do you love it. You love food much more than breast milk (which breaks my heart), and you're growing teeth pretty quickly, you have four bottom teeth already and more apparently are coming out because you keep fussing with your gums and biting me, poor little guy. At the moment you currently wear ... Read the Post

Donovan | Month Seven

This month has been a whirlwind of fun. You crawl although it's mainly on the bed, if I put you on the floor you cry your head off, I think you don't like the hard floor. You just started growing teeth, you have two poking out and it's the cutest thing! At this stage you are always laughing and for some reason you are so attracted to the iPhone. Of course we don't give it to you but I guess the bright light attracts your attention and it seems like the only item you cry for if we don't give you it. I love how observant you are and how you love to laugh and ... Read the Post