The Weekly | Shopping & Easter

So I lost my wallet, yea! I was shopping with my sister and mom and I must have gotten distracted with Drake that I thought I put my wallet back in my diaper bag, and it must of fell onto the floor. You know what's the crazy thing though ..... I wasn't so upset. I mean yea it sucks that I lost it but I only had my debit card and drivers license in there with some receipts so it wasn't such a huge lost. Just had to file a police report for my drivers licence and pretty much put a hold on my cards. Luckily no credit cards were in there. I had taken them out a week a ... Read the Post

Best Cupcakes of NYC

I know i am dieting and you must be thinking, wait what? Cupcakes? Well yes, I love baked goods and this past year i have really been into cupcakes. Which is the main cause of my weight gain. It all started with one local bakeshop in Brooklyn called Brooklyn Cupcakes. They are the ones who really got me into cupcakes in general. This bakeshop is filled with the most delicious original flavored cupcakes in NYC. I mean you cannot get enough of them, so after that i started trying different cupcake spots and well who knew there were so many?! So here is a list of my ... Read the Post

A day at South Street Seaport

I love my beautiful city New York, seriously there is nothing boring about it. There are tons of shops, locations, restaurants to visit and you still won't see it all! This past weekend we took a day to hang out just my best friend Helen, her husband, the fiance and my brother Gabriel to just go and enjoy the south street seaport, and of course have dinner. I wont lie, the face that i live in NYC doesn't mean i do half of the things tourist love to come out here to try and see. This year I promised myself that i would take advantage more of the fact that i live in ... Read the Post

The Bronx Zoo | Week Recap Part 1

So yes i have been majorly MIA but i am back, had a long week off from work and well i pretty much played with the girls, went to the zoo, my sister's 25th came and went and so did Fourth of July. Now i am back at work but only for exactly 29 days :) then i have the whole month of August off to relax and go on vacation! Woohoo! ... Read the Post