How to Decorate On a Budget

This post may contain affiliate links, when you click a link I'll get a commission from it, at no extra cost to you. I don't know about you but I love home decor. Shopping for it can easily get out of control and sometimes you can end up spending more than anticipated. I have learned a lot throughout the years on keeping myself on a budget and I am going to explain how to decorate on a budget and stick to it. It won't be easy, I mean there are times I still want to overspend, but sticking to a budget is key to not overspend and keep your home clutter free. There ... Read the Post

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him is here! Now that I've been looking for some Valentine Gift Ideas for my Husband, I figured I'd share what I've found. I always wait till the last minute 😆 but not today! Here are some Valentine Gift Ideas for Him, the sweet guy in your life that he will love! Now, when I am looking for the perfect gift, I like to find the usual hot item as well as something funny and personal. It's all about making each other laugh 😂. These Valentine gift ideas will be nice for the first gift for your boyfriend as ... Read the Post

How to declutter your Home In One Day

This post may contain affiliate links, when you click a link I'll get a commission from it, at no extra cost to you. Want to start the new year with a fresh clutter free home? I'm big on choosing a declutter day and getting things done fast. Today I'm sharing How to Declutter your Home in One Day! I will explain how to purge your house fast. If you want to get your home ready for the new year, these are some tips that will help you! I know every year before bringing in the new year I like to have my home and myself ready for a new year. I don't want to go into it ... Read the Post

Valentine Day Home Decor Must Haves

These are some Valentine Day Home Decor Must Haves that I have found and am obsessing over! I am all for a neutral with a pop of color and these pieces bring just that! If you are looking for valentine's decor that isn't too colorful then you might enjoy these! I have so many colorful valentine's decor in the traditional red and pink that I was hoping to find something a little different this time. I have been loving what I've found so far! I have been living these neutral Heart pillows from Pottery Barn. This one with "Love is all you need" is so nice ... Read the Post

20 Things to Stop Buying to Save Money

This post may contain affiliate links, when you click a link I'll get a commission from it, at no extra cost to you. This year for me is all about saving money and continuing my habits that I started in 2020. If 2020 has taught us anything was to save money! This post is all about 20 things to stop buying to save money today. These are items that I don't buy anymore and honestly don't even miss! These items have saved me thousands of dollars a year. This post will show you how to stop buying things you don't need and decide on things to stop buying in ... Read the Post

Great Intentions for the New Year

So as I have been going through what I really want to focus on for the new year, I have thought of a couple. I wanted to go into it with great intentions for the new year, and really set goals that are reasonable and fun. One thing I want to avoid this year is doing things that make me happy and not like a chore. The start of a new year is always so amazing, It gives you a fresh start to start new goals which I thrive off of! This year besides my 101 in 1001 days, I want to be more intentional on the things I focus on. If 2020 taught me anything, it's that you ... Read the Post

My Christmas Decor

Happy Holidays! I cannot believe it's already 7 days till Christmas. Where has the time gone? I have definitely been into the traditional colors of Christmas with the reds, greens, and gold. I just love it so much and I decided to stick to it this year. Yesterday I shared one of my favorite traditions in collecting Hallmark Ornaments. Today I will share the details of my Christmas decor and tree for the holidays. My Living Room Decor The living room is one of the rooms we love to hang out in. Of course with a toddler, she has been enjoying grabbing ... Read the Post

Collecting Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

Hallmark Ornaments are one of my favorite items to decorate for Christmas. It all started when I was younger and my mother would get us new ornaments each year to decorate our Christmas tree. I use to love getting a new ornament to decorate my tree and over the years it has grown to the semi-huge collection I have today! I wanted to share the details on Collecting Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments and what makes them so special to me. Also tips on how to start growing your Hallmark Ornaments collection and where to start. Let's be honest Hallmark has a lot of different ... Read the Post

Fall Decor Favorites

Fall Decor Favorites I can't believe Fall is just around the corner! Fall is my favorite season and I've been loving a couple of new fall items that just hit the stores recently. I'm all for a natural look with pops of color. I also really love to transition my Halloween looks to a fall harvest look in a snap of a finger. This is why I stick to a lot of natural items like decorative leaves, garlands, and pumpkins 🎃 that I can easily incorporate Halloween decor into and then remove them when Halloween is over. These are a few of my favorite fall decor ... Read the Post