Happy Birthday Abuela!

Happy Birthday to my second mommy, my loving grandma Luz. May godbless her and bring her many more years with us! Happy 81 st Birthday! We celebrated with a nice dinner at Red Lobster her favorite. Just her and Family. ... Read the Post

10 Confessions About Me

1. I am a super sensitive person. I will cry for almost anything, movies, books, i even feel like crying if i see a little old lady crossing the street by herself. Anything easily breaks or warms my heart. 2. I rather have my room bright with daylight than being in a dim room, it depresses me if its dim. 3. I hate talking on the phone for a long period of time, i like keeping it short and simple and rather talk in person. I rarely txt also. 4. Although i was born and raised in NYC and love it, i rather live in the suburbs. It's something i've always wanted ... Read the Post

10 Guilty Pleasures & Habits

Yes we all have them and i am living proof of having many! 1. Mexican Food | I cannot live without it, it's my favorite food besides Pasta. 02. Reading | I'm a bookworm and have a habit of reading, have it be books, magazines, blogs. You will hardly ever catch me watching TV. Currently i am into the Fifty Shades of Grey Series. 03. Brooklyn Cupcakes | I just love their cupcakes, if you are in the NYC area you must try them! This is our go to spot for cupcakes, they have tons of flavors from Coquito (Puerto Rican Eggnog which is my favorite) to Tres Leche, ... Read the Post

My Easter Week

I am off this whole week from work and i am actually enjoying the quiet alone time a bit. I can catch up on my current reading and just enjoy some me time. I had a nice Easter too, went to my church and after I met with Thomas and had some sushi :) in the north side of Brooklyn. I am so happy he learned to eat it, he can be a picky eater only because he likes to play it safe when it comes to food, especially eating out, he doesn't want to order something he doesn't enjoy and honestly, i don't blame him. But it's always good to try something new. We have just been ... Read the Post

Puerto Rico | Preview

I have been pretty much in my own little world lately, i guess because summer came and i went on vacation and between all of the traveling and also other surprises in my life i haven't been around. I am back though with photos from our Puerto Rico vacation. Such a nice time with friends and family. Besides the constant rain it was nice to be back at the country where my family came from. ... Read the Post

The Bronx Zoo | Week Recap Part 1

So yes i have been majorly MIA but i am back, had a long week off from work and well i pretty much played with the girls, went to the zoo, my sister's 25th came and went and so did Fourth of July. Now i am back at work but only for exactly 29 days :) then i have the whole month of August off to relax and go on vacation! Woohoo! ... Read the Post

A-Z Quiz

A-Z I saw this survey on Allison's blog, and I just had to do it. It's true what she says it does remind me of being in high school and filling out those silly MySpace & social site surveys. A. Age: 26 years old! Almost over the hill! B. Bed size: Full. Good enough for one person. C. Chore that you hate: I cannot stand doing laundry, i think it's the folding of the clothes that annoys me. I rather throw it in the laundry bag and hang them up when i get home if it were up to me :). D. Dogs: Two Chloe (a maltese) and Lola (a yorkie). E. Essential start to ... Read the Post

Movie Night

So yesterday i ended up getting a huge ticket of a $115.00 for supposidly parking in a No Standing Zone across the street from my home. There was no such sign! There never has been! Ever! There is only an alternate side parking sign, where it says no parking from 7-7pm on certain days. So technically it was suppose to be a $60.00 ticket (yes i got them before). So anyway my point is that i was allowed to park there because alternate side parking was canceled yesterday, so now i have to fight this ticket which is an annoying hassel. New York is seriously getting ... Read the Post

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