Wedding Wednesday | Color Palette

Hey guys, so i finally picked a color palette for the wedding. I will be getting married at the beginning of September which technically it’s still summer, but everyone knows September as the beginning of fall, so i wanted a bright color but also i wanted darker colors as well. I decided to go with a couple color combinations. Coral with Gold & Brown with hints of white. Picking colors is hard, annoying and well fun all at the same time. You don’t want something that will be uuber tacky when you look back years from now and you don’t want something blah either. So when it all came down to it i just chose my favorite metal gold and one of my favorite colors this season coral. Then since i didn’t want it to be such a bright tacky coral and gold everything i just toned it down with browns and whites.

coralgoldThe brown will be accent colors for things like the flower girl baskets, signs, cake stand etc. Oh and my venue’s/reception room has a lot of wood panel walls so it all ties together well. I love the summer, yet fall rustic feel it gives. I have been gathering inspiration all over Pinterest lately and i finally think i have the feel i want. So yes I will be posting once a month about my progress with the planning, i promise to try and not make this all a TLC Wedding series, but i know i wanted to share it because i know when i started planning i loved looking at other brides blogs and progress. Plus this space is like my online journal that i can look back years from now, so i want to document it all.

coarlgold2 Image Sources: 1//2//3//4//5//6//7//8//9//10


  1. That is so pretty! I’ve always wanted a coral/salmon/peach type of color in my wedding. My boyfriend wants a cream color, so I suppose the two work. Wedding planning has to be so fun (and stressful I’m sure!) Wedding Wednesday is awesome, definitely look forward to following along and seeing everything come together by the big day next year 🙂


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