Ten Favorite Books

I am an avid bookworm, i can read and get lost into the character stories as if it was happening to me. Today i want to share ten of my most favorite books that i laughed, cried, or freaked me out. Just a little opinion on what i have read and how i feel about them, it’s summer time, time to add books to your reading list for beach reads 🙂 If you would like to see a list of books i’ve read and rated click here.

Why Men Love Bitches | This book is not about being mean to your man, actually it’s kind of opposite but with a little more attitude, it teaches you not to become a pushover or a needy female, pretty much everything that annoys men and what men do to you that may annoy you. Fabulous book, i think every girl should read this at least one time in their life. It not only shows you how to act like a lady, but to respect yourself and not always revolve your life around your man or a guy your dating, such a fun and humorous read that i’m sure i might go back and read it again one day.

Unorthodox | A view into the Hasidic lifestyle, something i have always been interested in, especially since i live right by Williamsburg where there is such a large community of them and always wondered about there lifestyle and why they choose to live it. This is a book about a young lady who was looked down on, who had a mother who left her and the community behind and left her to be taken cared of by her father who was mentally disabled and her grandparents. It shocked me of some of the things she had to hide like going to the library to read a regular children’s book, how she was married at 17, and her dreams and struggles to leave the religious community which she does and takes her son with her.

Are you there Vodka, It’s me Chelsea! |  This comedian actually has about five books out already and I’ve read most of them, pretty much about her lifestyle and let me tell you she is hilarious. A lot of sarcastic humor.

ROOM | Room was a different take for me on reading the life of a five year old and his mother held captive in their own room/dungeon if you want to call it that and it is all narrated by the five year old. The mom was kidnapped at a young age and held in this room, had a son by her kidnapper and raised him in this room. Such a sad and happy story. Only thing that worked my nerves though was the fact that the kid kept asking for “some” which is breastfeeding and also him sucking or keeping his mothers rotten teeth that has fallen out in his mouth as some kind of comfort item for him ew! Gross!

Across the Universe | This takes you to the future, this book was honestly really good considering it is about the future and all out of space goodness. I thought it would be a confusing read with spaceships and aliens etc. but nothing of the sorts. It’s kind of a sad story on a girl who decides, along with her parents to freeze herself so they can be “melted” and re-live in a new world, where her parents (very important, knowledgeable people) will handle the operating of the new place. Instead she wakes up in a ship earlier that expected due to someone, and way before landing on the new land without her parents. It’s a love story and a good mystery.

The Hunger Games | I am sure most of you guys have read this series, but i love it and had to add it. Never did i think i would stay interested in a book like this with all the murders and fighting but it does keep you on your toes and its such an amazing book. It kept you so desperate and the focus was just trying to survive this game and not be killed. It makes you feel hopeless reading this book and on edge. Teenagers forced to kill each other in order to survive is just so cruel somehow you cannot put it down. I won’t get into details just read it!

Spooky Little Girl | A chic-lit but not cheesy, it’s about a girl who lives with her fiance and soon finds herself coming home to an empty home and all her things on the lawn, she lost her job and feel hopeless so decides to move in with her sister and nephew to start a new life. On her way there she is killed and hit by a public transportation bus and now she is in a whole new world in a school learning to be a ghost for the afterlife, where she has to complete a goal and that will allow her to move on to the next level in the afterlife.

Hot Broke Messes | This is a good book about learning to manage your money and get your life together financially at a young age. It’s about a city girl who gets into loads of debt and how she’s over coming it and shes telling you her process, but it’s also a guide in helping you to learn to get your act straight what you should save for and how to pick up the pieces. I liked it, taught me a lot about investing etc. and how to go out (especially for a city girl like me) and control your spending.

Princess | Princess is the story of a Saudi Arabian princess called Sultana, It goes into her life as a woman in the male dominated Saudi society. Of course her brother is treated like a god from birth as all males are, while she and her sisters are treated cruelly. As she gets older she encounters more abuse. It’s a good look into these woman lives and it broke my heart.

A Child Called It | This book is really old and got me into reading more memoirs. It’s a sad story about a kid who grew up with a very abusive mother and some of the stories shock me. He was featured on the Montell Williams show (when it was out back then) where he talked about his book and the abuse he went through.


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