Wedding Wednesday | What Went Wrong

I had a great time at my wedding, it’s true what they say it really does go by so fast. It’s kind of crazy how we spend months planning and boom, you’re done in 5 hours. Although it was a beautiful day there were things that went wrong, was it bad, not necessarily. It didn’t put a damper on my wedding and I still enjoyed the event. 2014-09-11 20.21.01It did get a little annoying though because some of the things that went wrong was:

  • The weather was so humid. I kid you not, it was like jungle weather out there. My wedding was at 8:00 p.m. and the whole time planning my wedding I figured the weather was going to be beautiful. I mean after all it was in September which is considered an Indian summer and the nights are so nice and cool with a wonderful breeze. Not! I sweated like nobody’s business and everyone’s hair got frizzed after it was beautifully done. I seriously did not see it coming guys, because the day was such a beautiful day but once night time hit it was like a swamp. Now what did I learn from that? Nothing! who cares about the weather, regardless they will figure out where to move the ceremony if it’s outdoors and it rains, and as for the heat, well my guest just sucked it up because they were there for us and after some food and cocktails at cocktail hour no one really seemed to care. So don’t stress the weather.
  • My garter got lost! Yea, it happened somehow I guess when we were taking all the stuff we needed to take with us to the limo (which picked us up at the hotel and rushed us) and when we arrived at the venue we just tossed everything in the bridal room. My bridal room was such a mess with my stuff as well as all my bridesmaids and family’s stuff that somehow we just couldn’t find the garter. I just went ahead and got married without it on my leg and once the ceremony was over my bridal attendant saved the day and found it! Lesson learned: please keep your crap organized, especially the stuff you need for your ceremony and reception, have it somewhere easily accessible and in a bright colored bag or something so someone could find it quickly.272
  • My limo company & Maitre d rushed us! Yes you read right, our limo company was rushing us. It just felt like there wasn’t enough hours in the day and when they arrived I was still getting bustled up so the guy just kept knocking on our door rushing us to get in the limo. I wanted to tell him off but I tried to remember that it was my day and not to stress. You know they got a very bad review from me. As or my Maitre d I know it’s his job to help me out throughout the wedding but it felt like we were being pulled from left to right because we had time limits to cut the cake, or do a garter toss and speeches! You name it they were pulling you aside to handle those wedding details so altough it is necessary for them to talk to you, let them know when you need space. I surly did! When he started getting annoying I just told him listen, make sure we do the cutting of the cake and garter toss etc. around the same time because I want it out the way so I could enjoy the rest of my night without people pulling me from left to right. Lesson Learned: You will have vendors being rude or annoying, don’t stress it just keep calm and speak to them and if it doesn’t get resolved then handle it with your review! Talk to your Maitre d or wedding coordinator and let them know you want to change something you had planned, they will do it to make you happy, and that’s what I did, I had planned out cake cutting time and all of that but I later changed my mind because I didn’t like getting cut off while speaking with a loved one who was congratulating us or while I was in the middle of dancing. So feel free to open your mouth nicely. You’re the paying customer, remember that.
  • Late for Makeup & Hair. The reason the limo guy was rushing us while I was getting into my dress was because before that we arrived late for hair and makeup. Time was not my friend that day guys! I had a schedule planned out and everything, you know how OCD I am but you can’t control everyone else with schedules. Things just happen and I had to wait for people to arrive etc. and I wasn’t upset I was just upset at my limo guy for rushing us because I was willing to pay him extra, but he had another place to be. I get they have other schedules but I didn’t like his tone. So when we arrived late for makeup and hair my friend Heena was great and so was her hair stylist. We pretty much got dolled up rushing but they did it so good it didn’t feel like rushing. Well the last few people to do hair and makeup were rushing, not me 🙂 they took their time with me haha. They were amazing though and did a beautiful job! So lesson learned: Things will not go according to schedule, people will be late and just because you have hair at 8 for one girl and 11 for yourself doesn’t mean it’s going to go that way. Things just happen and you just have to try and make it work the best way possible at the current moment.upload
  • Some people did not show up. Oh yes you read right. Some people do not have common sense or courtesy. You just have to understand and accept that some people are rude, and sometimes they do not care to think to let you know they won’t be able to make it. Or they just don’t know common courtesy, trust me there are a lot of people out there that don’t. I had one person ask to bring someone and I said it was okay because someone had canceled, then for some reason they did not show up with them even after they said they were coming for sure. I didn’t have a lot of no shows only three people and one was a couple that didn’t come. It will happen though, was I a little upset, yea because you’re only paying $140.00 per person but was I going to have it ruin my day, no because it was already all payed for and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. Lesson learned: Some people will not have the courtesy to call you and cancel so don’t expect it. I didn’t hold a grudge because things did happen to these people that they couldn’t make it and I completely understood, but a simple heads up would of been nice. Let’s be real though sometimes it won’t happen and you have to accept it. Also Invite people who are truly important in your life and 99% of them will be there. Do not feel bad and invite someone because someone asked if they could bring a guest.

So remember, it’s your day! Who cares if things go wrong, because trust me it will. Just suck it up and enjoy everything else. Nothing is perfect and if you have that mentality while you’re planning your wedding then when something happens it won’t bother you too much. That’s how I went about planning, I kept in my head that things will go wrong and if they did just keep going. It really helped me out that day. Did you have a formal wedding? Did anything go wrong?

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