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It’s been four months we’ve been married. It has been a joyful, scary, happy and emotional ride. I cannot believe after two years of planning, the wedding and honeymoon is over. It kind of boggled my mind how quickly that day went and how fast that money goes. I know a lot of people don’t believe in going over the top for their weddings, but although it was expensive, I don’t regret any decisions I made. It was such a beautiful wedding and one that I will always remember. So every Wednesday I will be sharing bits of my wedding photos. This week I decided to start with the guys. They looked pretty good in their grey suits and converse 🙂 I was a little skeptical about the converse suggestion, but once I saw it on them that day, I knew it was the right choice. It was so them.

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  1. Ashley says

    I love these photos. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been married 2 years and any chance I get to show my wedding photos i do;)

    • Liliana says

      Yes, I love looking back at them because the day went by so fast that just looking at the pictures helps me remember certain moments I forgot about. 🙂 So this sharing process has made me smile every time i look at them.

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