My Bridal Shower

Hi guys! Things have just been a little all over the place over here, I have not been organized at all, I haven’t  been dieting like I should and if you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been blogging either. Do I feel guilty, and will I be telling you excuses why? Absolutely not! I just didn’t feel like it is all. I am in this weird mood lately. I think it’s the summer heat, I just don’t want to deal with crap, don’t mention wedding stuff to me, because I don’t want to DIY crap, don’t mention going out in the sun and working out because I hate summer and honestly don’t feel like sweating. So yes, that is what has been on my biscuit lately! Oh I had my bridal shower! Which to be honest, was fabulous! I had so much fun. Besides it being super hot out, the food was yummy the scenery was beautiful and the shower and gifts were awesome as well. Speaking of gifts, I got a lot of nice things off of my registry, I never thought getting household items would be so much fun! It was at this lovely place called La Marina in Manhattan.


We played fun games, and I drank a lot of sangria and mimosa’s which got me tipsy since I was so nervous all morning and didn’t eat till the shower. It was a brunch so that is the main reason why I waited long too.

coworkersI could not stop laughing at the guys who got trapped into getting gowns made for them lol. My favorite was the one with the pink pom pom on his head lol. He reminded me of the chiquita banana lady.

bridesimagesassysbrownboysmomusThe Sassys!It was so nice spending it with all of my favorite ladies in the world. So beautiful, it was a pinterest wet dream in my opinion. I loved all the little details.imageimageimageimageimageimageus




  1. Aww this looks like a blast! Your outfit was adorable &thats really cool you had men there with you too 🙂 I’ve mostly always seen just women but lately have been seeing more men involved.

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