Wedding Wednesday | Ceremony

245 Back to another show and tell of my Wedding Wednesday! My Wedding Ceremony! Let me just start off by saying that my ceremony was one of the most magical blur in my life. Not that I did not remember anything, but I was so happy, nervous, hot, you name it up there with 130 pairs of eyes looking at me (ahem: us).152156169So once I started going down that aisle with everyone looking at you (I hate being put on the spot) it just ended up being such a quick, sweet ceremony. I loved every minute of it though, my My Officiant was hilarious making us laugh most of the time and he really helped calm my nerves a bit, he was good at letting us know what needed to be done.184177Besides the weather humidity, Drake threw a major tantrum at the beginning of the ceremony. This is why I didn’t want kids to begin with at the wedding, but he was my kid so yea! oh well! I really don’t know what went down behind me all I know is that he wanted my stepdaughters flower baskets and they refused to give it to him and he let out a full on high pitched scream. He continued to scream all the way down the aisle as my cousin carried him out. And you know what the crazy thing about it is ….. I didn’t care, I was happy and excited and nervous that Drake screaming was the least of my worries. Out of everything that could possibly go wrong, Drake screaming was a piece of cake right?! I mean it could of been worst lol too bad he couldn’t do the sand ceremony with the kids. So after his screaming faded away we began the ceremony….

245226243250311313It was a beautiful ceremony at 8:00 at night on a hot humid September day. It’s insane how you plan for something so long and it goes in a blink of an eye. Our wedding party looked fabulous though!276Right after we went into an extra room because they finally found my garter! I was looking for it like a mad woman in the bridal suite before the ceremony began. My Bridal attendant saved the day and gave it to me after the ceremony, which the girls then put it on me. Better late than never! The reception was right after. Stay tune need week to catch photos of the reception :). Did everything go according to plan on your wedding day for all you married readers?

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