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So this month we finally found the dress for the bridesmaids. I am very happy with them because they were the dresses i always wanted to begin with. I remember seeing them on a wedding blog when i first started saving images and inspirations. I was in love with the way you can have the same dress but different looks. Let me just say we went to two stores and we were done! I originally had an appointment with Two Birds Bridesmaids because i just knew i wanted those gowns. I didn’t want to seem a little selfish though so i wanted to give the girl options, so since our appointment was at 1:45 I figured we can stop at another bridal shop close by before the appointment. So we went to RK Bridal in the city. The minute i walked in there i was getting anxiety, the place was packed with people and we were approached by i am assuming the owner of the shop at the door asking us to remove our boots (there was snow outside), I was in shock because she expected us to walk around the shop in socks and the rugs did not look clean at all. We had to throw our boots in the pile of million of other shoes which were practically all black! We were scared we were going to lose out shoes so we just carried them in our purse (which snow melted in). So ….. after we finally started walking in socks around the stores the dresses were on racks and just the whole vibe of the store was horrible, there was so many females not enough attendants to help you, there was long lines for the fitting rooms with a sign in sheet (really?) and when we finally found three dresses to try on in all that mess of racks (picture a thrift store but with gowns) we get online to try the dresses on only to be told that one dress was a prom dress and we had to go to the other side of the salon to go to a different fitting room to try it on. WTF?! So we just tried the two bridesmaids dresses which i think looked nice on the girls:


After that we just left because it was really hard to look for dresses no one was helping us and it was just a mad house. So we left and headed to Two birds. I was in love the minute we walked in because it was in Soho in a fabulous little studio with the dresses displayed and attendant there to help us throughout our whole appointment. She was so patient, showed us all of the ways to wrap the gown and i just sat back and watched my girls get naked! We decided on two shades. Peach and Coral. My two maid of honors will be wearing coral and the bridesmaids which are three females will be wearing the peach. It was the most easiest, happiest process ever. I really recommend Two Birds, they are easy peasy! These were the dresses from Two Birds …..


I loved this rosewater color on my cousin but she was not having it, she said the color washed her out but I thought it looked beautiful on her. They also had flower girl dresses but I am debating if I want the girls to wear that.IMG_7384IMG_7386IMG_7367Glad i knocked this out the way now on to the next project ….. my dress!



  1. I love those dresses that can be styled different ways like that. They’re awesome because they all go together but everyone can still find a style that they’re actually COMFORTABLE in!

    • Coral is such a beautiful color not too bold and you can mix it with soft colors like peach and white. You should so do it! Can’t wait to see what color you choose!

    • Thank you! Yes that is what I loved most about them, that they convert differently. I’m getting married September 5th 🙂 it’s going by so fast!


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