The Weekly | Snow Time!

The weather has been cold around here lately, it even started to snow. Something about the white snow that is so peaceful and beautiful, I mean it's a vision out here in New York too with all the tall buildings and trees covered in snow. My kids instantly get excited when they see the snow, because in New York it's not often that it comes down. The roads are slippery and I won't lie it's a mission lugging a 6 year old and a 1 year old in the snow. One wants to play and kick snow everywhere when we're trying to get somewhere nice and a little dry and the other is ... Read the Post

The Weekly | Summer Beginning

The beginning of summer is pretty nice here in New York. The weather is beautiful, we escaped some storms but these past few days have been sunny and breezy. The kids are almost done with school, and we've been taking them for walks and to the park a lot. Anything to keep them busy and outside the apartment. Speaking of apartments, I have been in cleaning mode x1o0 but what else is new with me, I'm always cleaning. I always have this urge to clean the house upside down when the weather changes. It's not just spring cleaning, it's seasonal I guess.Yesterday we ... Read the Post

The Weekly | Vegas & Showers

He is growing pretty quickly. He is already 23 lbs! I'm telling you I don't know what's in my breastmilk, its like super milk or something because the kid is growing insanely fast. It's kind of a funny joke I guess most breastfeeding mommas joke about. He's the cutest chubster though, I love him like this. He's so chubby he got a shot in his thigh and didn't even flinch. I think I was more scared than he was lol. He loves to sit up and look around at what's going on. My mom recently purchased him a walker and at first I was against it, I felt like he was still too ... Read the Post

The Weekly | Shopping & Easter

So I lost my wallet, yea! I was shopping with my sister and mom and I must have gotten distracted with Drake that I thought I put my wallet back in my diaper bag, and it must of fell onto the floor. You know what's the crazy thing though ..... I wasn't so upset. I mean yea it sucks that I lost it but I only had my debit card and drivers license in there with some receipts so it wasn't such a huge lost. Just had to file a police report for my drivers licence and pretty much put a hold on my cards. Luckily no credit cards were in there. I had taken them out a week a ... Read the Post

The Weekly | Spring Time & The Boys

Life has been pretty sweet lately. I got a lot of stuff done that I've been meaning to do and now that it's all done I feel like I'm super mom! Ever get that feeling, like nothing can stop you? I love it! I did a lot of shopping and walking around since the weather was beautiful this week. I'm happy spring is here early, we're enjoying the weather and it feels great to get out the apt with the kids. I have been loving my Britax Affinity stroller. It's so easy to interchange the car seat/bassinet. I just pop it in and go, especially with the car seat. Right ... Read the Post

The Weekly | Goodbye February

I cannot believe February has come to an end, where does the time go. It's kind of crazy because today I was sitting at home just thinking about how fast the time is going and how Drake is going to be 6 and Donovan already 4 months, It's like life feels so fast the older we get. Like there is never enough time to just absorb it all and enjoy it. It's king of scary to me at times, All I keep thinking is one day my boys will be big, I will be old and I worry I might not get to fully enjoy it all like I really should. Life is always rush, rush, rush. Ever think that ... Read the Post

The Weekly | Fitness & Birthdays

Hope your weekend was great, mine was okay, I enjoyed it, if i do say so myself! What happened this week well a few good and bad things. My Macbook screen cracked. I was so pissed. I went to grab it and I guess my thumb pressed the screen hard when I went to pick it up because it crushed under the pressure. Now I have to find a computer repair shop. The good thing though is that it's on the black side and peeking a little in to the main screen and faintly in the middle so it doesn't obstruct my vision on the computer, its just off more on the side. My ... Read the Post

The Weekly | Snow & Wedding Prep.

Hi my loves! This week has been a little ..... busy. I won't lie I have not been too organized here lately, I have a whole bunch of other things going on now. As the wedding is really coming to a reality now I am a little more focused on it lately. It's one thing to pin a whole bunch of images on Pinterest and say this is what my dream wedding will look like and another thing actually finalizing decisions and figuring out costs. It's crazy how Pinterest makes it seem super easy till it's time to pick, choose and compare prices. eek! So what have I been up to ... Read the Post

The Weekly | Birthday & Massachusetts

TINK * TINK * Hey guys! I know i have been major M.I.A. what can i say it's been a pretty busy week.  I haven't had time to blog to be honest and I was busy partying it up and living the life for a little bit. lol Not really, although i have been partying I have also been a little distracted lately. I had a stressful week worrying about something and in the end it ended up okay. I don't think it's something I should really share here but I am better and can pretty much focus on other things right now. So that being said here is what my past week looked like. I ... Read the Post