Things Making Me Happy Lately

centerpieceA few things making me happy lately. I love the spring season, makes me want to freshen up a lot of things around the home, read new things or just enjoy some crafts. I also love discovering new things online. Just wanted to share some random goodies and thoughts on things:

  1. Book Clubs | I am in the Paper & Glam Book Club and so far I have enjoyed it! A couple of books that we read, I loved. My two favorites are the The Girl On The Train & Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up.
  2. Starbucks Gold | I recently made Starbucks gold, I know I’m a total amateur lol but It made my day lol and I got a free drink/food item already. I wasn’t going that often before to add up my points, but lately it’s been making me joyful enjoying a new drink, trying to see what will be my favorite signature drink. Do you have one?
  3. This Post on Turning A Scrapbook Into A Memoir. Love what she shares.
  4. This sweet Coconut Confetti Bunny Cake I am thinking about making the kids for Easter this year. It has my two favorites, coconut and funfetti.
  5. This list of the best writing pens honestly makes me jump for joy, I love me a great pen! I’m going to try out some of these suggested.
  6. Eucalyptus Spearmint Candle, it’s such a refreshing calming scent to me. I currently have the lotion for stress relief and have the candle burning in my home at the moment.
  7. Loving liquid lipstick even more now. I use to always just use regular lipsticks but now I understand the hype on liquid lipsticks. They’re easy to apply and fun. I want to try this lipstick in rich violet.
  8. Loving Targets PillowFort line for kids bedroom decor. I am planning on purchasing some bedding to freshen up the kids bedroom.
  9. Love this list on tips and tricks for pumping moms, I definitely agree with number 8, when I pump while he feeds a lot more comes out. I love finding lists like this to help me express milk.
  10. This list of 70 Inspiring Workspaces/Offices. Can’t wait to start setting up my own space soon.


  1. I’m really intrigued by that Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up book, everything seems to love it! I really enjoyed reading Girl on the Train, such a great thriller!

    • It’s really good and a simple fast read. And Omg yes! The girl on the Train was such a plot twister. So good! I finally finished it and enjoyed it a lot.

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