Binge Worthy Netflix Series

Hope everyone’s cinco de mayo was good, ours was pretty chilled. We ate some good food and drank some yummy drinks none that goes with cinco de mayo but it was still good. We also watched some good movies.Staying home has got me binging a lot of good shows lately, I have caught up on almost all the shows on my Netflix list that I’ve been wanting to see or have been meaning to finish. Here is a list of the Binge Worthy Netflix Series that I enjoyed these past two months.

  • Shameless | You can find a series of drama, funny, and embarrassment lol it will make you laugh and it will get you angry. It’s a show about a very dysfunctional family who struggles with addiction, making ends meet and much more. This show just keeps me coming for more.
  • Good Girls | Oh my gosh this show had me on the edge of me seat. It’s a good chic show about motherhood and the everyday life struggles but also how they try to get out of them doing illegal stuff and swear that it was that one and only time they will do it but it doesn’t end up being their last time. I won’t give it away but its a good show to watch. Finished two seasons already and can’t wait to see season 3!
  • Cable Girls | Ok this one is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love movies or shows based in the past and this one is set in the 1920s. Its a show about a group of females who work in a phone company as you guessed it cable girls. Each have their own thing they are dealing with and trying to get through and they grow such a great bond with each other. The love triangle is also insane and romantic at the same time. I really liked this show.
  • Love Is Blind | I know a lot of people are talking about this show right now but it really is good. I mean if you’re into reality shows that is.
  • Unorthodox | So I read the book Unorthodox by Deborah Feldman and once I saw they came out with a Netflix show I had to watch it. It’s not exactly like the book but it is similar and lets you have a real view on how they live. I was mostly interested because I get up not too far from their neighborhood her in NYC and was always fractionated by they religion.
  • Tiger King | At first I was a little bored by it, I was like this guy is nuts, then it got really good once I got more into it and they spoke about Carole Baskin. Yes, I do believe she killed her husband. Even though her current husband did a follow up video after the Netflix series aired talking about how its all lies on their website, I still believe she had something to do with it. How do we know he wasn’t forced to record that video and is getting abused himself. Why would Dons family say these things about Carole too. It’s just all a mystery but you tell me what you think. I know sometimes they hype up the stories so I could be wrong. I’d love to read your opinions.
  • How to Get Away with Murder | If you’re into Law then I’m sure you will like this show. It’s also great to binge watch because it’s a never ending thrill of what’s next! Its about a head-strong lawyer who is great at her job and coaching he students along the way, except thee is so much Drama along the way!
  • Black Mirror | I love these episodes because each one is a different story line. What makes it really interesting is that it kind of relates to real life. There’s one related to social media which I can see happening in the future.
  • Ozark | If you’ve loved the show Breaking Bad, then this show isn’t too far away. Except this family didn’t really choose this life. A family that leaves home after a money laundering gone wrong, now this family is stuck with a Drug Lord and solving his problems.

What are some shows o4r movies you’ve been enjoying lately? Would love to hear!

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