Galentine Tablescape!

There’s something about that special girl time and spending it with woman that inspire and love you. I love spending time with my friends as much as I possibly can and what better way than doing a Galentine brunch for us.

In this brunch I served some pancakes, a cheese board, some yummy desserts and just little thoughtful yet fun gifts for them to take home like a bath bomb and a bottle of wine. It was filled with laughter, crying, venting, and enjoying each others time and catching up. Let’s be honest being a mom is busy let alone being a working mom on top of that. Taking some time to create something special for my friends is something I love to do and I love to catch up on things we missed out on because we’re so busy throughout the day.

This was the floral arrangement done on this post that I shared for this day!
Here are the delicious Charcuterie Boards I created and shared with you as well for this event. They were a big hit.

Here’s a video of the whole set up from start to finish.

Do you like to have Galentine Parties with your friends?

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