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Lately I have been on a Netflix watching binge. Watching everything and anything during my down time. If you knew me in real life you’d know that I rarely watch actual television, instead I catch Netflix every available chance I get. Mainly during down time or right before bed. I can never keep up with live television schedules because I don’t have DVR so I just stick to Netflix. Here are a list of my current Netflix favorites that I’ve watched lately …..

How to get away with Murder | A pretty cool series about a professor who’s a defense attorney and teaches a class called how to get away with Murder. While working on the field, she ends up involved in a murder plot with five of her students.

Nurse Jackie | Oh Nurse Jackie, she’s a mom, wife, strong personality whose quick and to the point, and oh yea ….. a drug addict. This series goes through her addiction with pain meds and how she still tries to live a normal life like she has it all under control ….. except a lot happens. I was hooked to this series because I really empathized with her for some reason. It made me understand people with addiction problems a little better on how they think.

Jane The Virgin | This is a fun chick flick series, about a girl named Jane who of course is a virgin. She was raised by a teen mom and swore she would never follow in her footsteps. Except she accidentally becomes pregnant when she goes for her regular GYN checkup and instead gets Inseminated with another patient next doors specimen ….. soon she finds out it was her old crush’s specimen. Later they rekindle what they use to have and she battles with figuring out if she loves him or her steady boyfriend who she was engaged too and ready to start a life together with.

The 100 | This is a great show about people living in outer space in a space ark after the world (earth) has ended. Three generations later they send 100 prisoners down to earth to see if Earth is “safe”, because the arks resources are dwindling away. Except when they go down to earth they are not the only ones there.

Young & Hungry | Great comedy series about a young broke food blogger named Gabi in need of a job, then she finds out wealthy tech entrepreneur Josh needs a personal chef, and he hires her. Josh’s personal assistant hates her and always makes it loud and clear which is hilarious. She ends up sleeping with her boss, which causes all kinds of mixed emotions and you pretty much follow along as she tries to become someone in the culinary field while battling love and relationships and her crazy coworker. 

Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce | Abby McCarthy, author of self-help books and famous for helping people with family issues, ends up going through a divorce and her career goes down hill because now her life is not so “perfect” after all. She tries to rebuild her career back to life while she is out discovering her life as a 40 year old new single mom. She turns to her girlfriends for help through the divorce and I love it because it sort of reminds me of sex and the city.

Fuller House | Well you know I had to add this to the list! Full House was my all time favorite childhood tv show in the 90’s. Now it’s all about DJ Tanner who’s is now DJ Fuller trying to handle life as a widow with three young boys. Kimmy Gibler and sister Stephanie are the “uncle Jesse and friend Joey” that rescue and help her out by moving in. Super cute episodes about learning lessons in life like the old show did but what’s new is there is also adult humor which is something fun because the old show definitely did not have any of that!

Bates Motel | This series is about a mother named Norma Bates who after the death of her husband moves and buys a motel in White Pine Bay with her teenage son Norman. Norman is shy and very close to his mother in a way that is not normal. This series goes through how Norman’s weird behavior has his mother worried that he is killing people. It pretty much explores the younger years of Norman Bates and how his odd bond with his mother eventually caused him to become a serial killer.

What Netflix series are you into lately?


  1. Johnna LaFaith says

    GREAT POST! I love Netflix. I was just talking to my BF about this sort of thing, and how Netflix was a real game changer as far as TV goes. I haven’t watched Bates Motel yet but it has been on my To-Watch list for a while now. I DID watch Fuller House (well, three episodes) last night before bed. It’s cute and has a soft spot in my heart. I just finished binging ALL of The Walking Dead. WOW. It was awesome.

    • Liliana says

      Walking Dead is the best! I haven’t finished watching all of it yet that’s why it isn’t on my list yet. I heard it is getting crazier so I have to catch up! But it’s true Netflix is the new TV, why pay so much for cable when you can watch it at your own pace on Netflix and just catch the recent episodes online.

  2. Bella says

    I love all these shows! I haven’t seen Jane The Virgin or Young & Hungry but I will definitely check them out. Thanks for sharing!


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