New & Old Baby Items I Love

So now that Delilah is a month old I wanted to share a list of my new and old baby items I’m loving and I use with her. When I had Donovan I remember I wanted to try everything that was out there that caught my interest, but the truth is you don’t really need to. Babies are simple people, you just need a few essentials and you’re good to go. That and maybe some fun things you may want to try but you don’t need everything.

New Items

01. Life Factory Bottle | One new Item I really came to love as a brand in general is Life Factory. I even have a few of their tupperware’s which are amazing and so easy to clean! I love how they have the rubber silicone around the glass for those accidental falls, and let me tell you I have dropped my Life Factory items a few times and they are very durable! I highly recommend them! I actually heard about them from an online friend Jaime who used them in her home and loved them, they even survived through a fire which was amazing and I see why she loves them so much. So I decided to try the baby bottles out and I love them better than the plastic bottles. They are thinner so they fit nicely in the diaper bag or in a side pocket and I love how you can use them later as a beverage holder.

02. Silicone Pacifier Clip by Little Sprouts | These new Pacifier clips are amazing. Not like the material pacifier clips where if they get wet it stays wet for a bit, it can feel annoying to the baby. These you can clean with water and they are dry to the touch after wiping it down. Also they do double work because you can use them later as a teether for the baby. Win win! Thinking about adding this one to my collection too!

03. Puj Bath Tub | Omg, you know how sometimes you feel those baby bath tubs are so bulky? No? Just me? Well to me they are and this bad boy right here is gold! It literally folds open into a small bath sink where you can easily clean your baby and it holds your baby up to 6 months and then folds and dries away wherever you decide to hang it in your bathroom. I love this thing it is so simple and to the point and takes up hardly any room!

04. Milk Snob Cover | I love this cover! It has double use, I use it to cover the baby in her carseat which is great because it keeps those germs and bugs away. Then I use it for breastfeeding as well. It is so soft and stretchy and I highly recommend it.

Old Items

05. 4moms Mamaroo | This little swing really helps putting my baby to sleep. It’s honestly just awesome. I love the features of different movements, they even have car ride which works like a charm on Delilah and they even have the white noise which she loves. I used this with Donny and he loved it so much as well, It’s really worth the money and lasts long too. Donovan who is now 47lbs threw himself on it the other day while it was moving and I thought he broke it but it’s still holding strong!

06. Jujube Monarch | This is the same diaper bag I used before and kept using. It’s just easy to use as a backpack and my hands are free and I love all the pockets inside and how it opens wide to see everything inside. I will do a what’s in my diaper bag soon so you can see all the details of it. I love all the accessories that you can get with it too. Right now I use the wristlet for extra diapers and wipes so I can snatch and go with it to the bathroom if I don’t want to lug the whole diaper bag with me, super convenient and I also have the paci pod and I also use the lunch bag for snacks for the other kids on the go and you can also put baby food in there or extra breastmilk or bottles as well.

07. ComoTomo Bottles | One Old item I used with Donovan and now also use with Delilah are these bottles, They are silicone feel and so easy to clean, they are made to make transitioning from breast to bottle easier. I love them!

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