Home Decor Jewelry DIY

One trend I’m loving is the Home Decor Wooden Bead Jewelry that I’ve been seeing lately. I love seeing all the wooden beads draping around vases and on coffee tables accenting books. It really dresses up the home decor and it’s super easy to do! Today I wanted to share a Home Decor Jewelry DIY and show you how to mix up the style at the same time.

I chose to mix up my beads with different tones to create a nice balance. I chose marble, and wooden beads in difference sizes. You can mix it up however you’d like, but try to keep it a similar color palette and follow the same pattern. I chose a string but if you’d like Monofilament Illusion Cord works great too. First start threading all the beads in the pattern you love and once you’ve reached a desired length, tie a knot connecting the necklace together and then continue threading the beads but this time connect the strings together and loop beads onto both strings together. This will make the Y shape to your necklace. Once you’re done tie a not and attatch whatever charm you’d like tie a knot to the charms to stop the beads from coming off the string.

At the end you can attach a favorite charm. I chose two similar but different size agate rocks that matched the tone of the beads but also added a little sparkle. It makes it a much more glam piece of jewelry to decorate your home. Here I doubled my necklace …..

Hope you enjoyed!

xo, Liliana



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