How to Style A Tiered Tray

Tired trays are all the rave lately! I remember first seeing it in a store and wanting one but wasn’t sure what to do with it! It seriously just overwhelmed me looking at it. I mainly thought it was only used for food until I found all the countless ways to decorate with it, and then I found this big one! I loved the amount of space it has for adding all different size pieces so now I’m obsessed with decorating mine every season. Here I will share How to Style A Tiered Tray and share some fun tips when it comes to creating decorative Tiered Trays.

Pick a Theme

Creating a tiered tray is a lot easier once you have a theme in mind. I personally love holiday trays, so I decorate according to holidays. Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day you name it. Also you can decorate according to seasons like Spring, Winter, Summer & Fall.

Pick Items In Varying Sizes

Don’t just choose a bunch of items the same size. Try to pick tall and short and wide and thin, doing this will create a more visual appealing look to your tray because not everything looks the same. Same goes with color, just make sure it is all the same color scheme you have in mind. So if you’re going to do all pastels then try only keeping all the colors pastels but using different colors.

Create Symmetry

Try to create symmetry when displaying your pieces. If you have a tall item on one side, try to add it to the other side. It doesn’t have to be exact height but similarity helps, that way everything is alternating in sizes and balancing out on each side of the tray.

Be Creative

Don’t be afraid to add random pieces that you normally wouldn’t think of adding. If you want to add a nest go ahead and add that nest if you want to add a mug or a little ornament you can do that too! I love to add random flowers into my pieces. And it can be things that are hanging around in your home. Like those little hydrangeas on the tiered tray are actually napkin rings that I used on my tablescape last year! You can also add flower stems, figurines, mugs, beaded garland and other knickknacks that you can find pretty much everywhere. The more random the better, just as long as its cohesive with your display!

Make it Functional

I don’t only use my tiered tray for decor, although you can. I have two, one in my kitchen and one in my dining room. My Kitchen one is definitely a functional one compared to my Dining Room display. In the kitchen I use my tiered tray to hold my mugs, marshmallows, cocoa/coffee pods, stirrers my sugar canister you name it! I put pieces that I will pretty much use daily but keep it all displayed and contained within that tiered tray so it doesn’t clutter up my counter space. So don’t feel that it has to be a decor piece only, make it work with your space and make it functional.

Here are a few of my favorite tiered trays …..


I hope all these tips helped in inspiring you to create your own tier tray. If you have any other ideas that you like to incorporate into your tiered trays please share!

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