How to Keep Your Home Tidy All The Time

As a mom of four, friends always ask me how my apartment is always so tidy. It can be an overwhelming task, especially with a large family. I’m not even going to lie, there are days where I pull my hair out trying to keep it all together, but I have figured out some tasks that help to keep it tidy majority of the time. Doing these simple tasks will help keep your home tidy, and ready for unexpected guests!


You dirty a dish, you clean it! | I grew up with my mom always telling us repeatedly “if you dirty a dish, you clean the dish” so I have made that rule in my place too. My husband and older kids understand if they get a drink or eat from a bowl on their own time, they need to clean it once they’re done. We try to keep the sink empty at all times. If I make a big meal and the dinner dishes are piled up we clean up right after dinner before we do anything else.

Clean while you cook | One thing I do try to avoid are dishes after dinner. I like to clean as I cook. If I finish with a cutting board, pot or pans, spoons, you name it I clean it while the food is still cooking. Doing this helps with fewer dishes after dinner, that way you only have the plates and cups you ate off of. Also if you notice a spill, try to clean it right away. Don’t let it sit and get your counter surface sticky or greasy. Wipe your counters down once you’re done with the washing the dishes.

Take Garbage out Daily | I make sure to take the garbage out at the end of the night every day. It keeps your home smelling fresh and avoids stinky garbage cans.


Clean up Nightstand | The minute we get up, we try to clean or tidy our nightstand. I don’t keep much on the night stand but if we have a book or cups, we clean it up and put them away.

Fix Bed | Fix your bed, this is a given. Once you’re up and out of bed, fix it! You will see how satisfying it is once you see your bed made if your bed is made your room feels clean.

Put Clothes Away | Make sure whatever clothing you take off gets put away or put in the hamper. Do not throw it on the floor or a chair. Doing this as a habit will help you keep things neater.


After a shower, Spray the shower down | So in my bathroom, I have a scrubbing brush and a cleaner right by the bathtub under the sink, it makes it easy to grab right after a shower and just spray it down, and it helps the shower glass not get grimy.

Hampers = Best Friend | Having a hamper in the bathroom helps keep the bedroom clean majority of the time. When you go to shower there is a place to get rid of the clothes. Then it won’t end up on the floor somewhere. Try to get a divided two-bin hamper where you can separate whites and colors, that’s an extra plus.


Tidy Couch | My kids are notorious for taking all of the cushions and pillows off the couch. Make sure before you leave the house, the couch is tidy with pillows and throw blankets back in their proper place.

Bin / Boxes | The kids like bringing toys to the living room or other places around the home. Having bins in the living area can help make pickup be fun and easy. They can play basketball with the toys, throwing them into bins and then take it all back to their bedrooms daily.

What are some easy ways you like to keep your home tidy?

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