Make Your Apt Feel Like Home

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Make Your Apt Feel Like Home

Getting an apartment can sometimes be a little hard to decorate because not only are there rules to keep it “apartment friendly” but sometimes it’s not the ideal layout. I have an apartment myself, I have found it fun to decorate and have been loving incorporating my style throughout my place to make it feel more comfortable and welcoming. Here are ways to make your apt feel like home:

Get an area Rug

Area rugs really will make a space defined and it’s also really cozy on top of the hardwood or laminate floors. Adding an area rug also ties your space together instead of leaving your furniture looking bare. It’s always easy to roll up and take with you in the end too if and when you decide to move.Home Decor

Get pretty Curtains

A lot of apartment owners don’t really put much thought into their drapes since they are not permanently going to stay there. Curtains will make a dramatic difference if placed right. Don’t do bare windows and if you do at least frame the edges. Keep your curtains high above your windows and make sure the fabric is a pretty one that touches the floor.

Add Plants

Plants add a nice pop of color to your space and also livens it up it pretty much blends well with whatever color scheme you have going on in your home. They’re easy on the eyes and if you simply can’t care for a plant get a fake! There are some really nice ones out there that you can’t even tell the difference.

Add Personal Pieces

Include Items that you absolutely love. I love mixing home decor items with personal memorabilia from trips we went too or family photos mixed with my favorite artwork. Get creative in mixing pieces that call to you. You don’t have to limit yourself. Hang what your heart desires and try different things. Use command strips if you’re hanging items on the walls and are worried about putting holes in the wall. I use them all the time and they are easy to remove!

Get multifunctional furniture

Living in an apartment means less space at times, so getting a piece of furniture that is multifunctional is a big plus. I love how now they have beds that also function as bookcases that also function as desks like this one here or you can get a day bed that is your bed but also a couch in the day. Today there are so many fabulous day beds that you can’t even tell the difference.

Add texture

Don’t stick to one thing get different patterns and textures to add to your home. A nice textile pillow mixed with a beautiful solid throw blanket will warm up your space. Mixing metals like gold and silver and Bronze gives it a fun look and it doesn’t mean you have to stick to one.

Paint, Add Color!

If you’re on a tight budget just paint! Some people may not be able to paint, but if you’re allowed to paint your apartment, do it! Paint adds a personal touch to your space and personalizes it more with whatever color scheme you choose. Sometimes all you need is paint to make it feel more warm and welcoming.

What are your favorite things to implement into your apt or house to make it feel more like home?


  1. Keith Paul says

    Thanks, great article. Area rugs are my number one for decor in the many apartments I’ve been in.

  2. Samantha Lee says

    I have that same Ikea pillow – the black and white with the leaves! Haha. I’ve been living in an apartment for 4.5 years now and can’t WAIT to move into a house, so I have more freedom with decorating. But, I haven’t let that stop us from making our apartment feel more like a home. Last year we totally revamped our entire living room. 🙂

    • Liliana says

      Love those Ikea pillows, they literally go with almost everything I put them with. I feel you on the wanting a house, we’re in the same boat. In the meantime I just decorate and change things up when I can to keep things feeling new and different.

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