Top 2017 Planners!

There’s always a great feeling when you get that fresh planner in your hand to plan your year away. I don’t know about you but new planners gets me all kinds of happy and giddy with excitement. I have always been the type to bounce back and forth between digital and paper planners/calendars and I love versatility, If I can make it work for me and customize it to my liking I’m all for it. This is a round up of my top flexible 2017 planners out there that will get you into the swing of planning for 2017 with style and function!

Erin Condren | I personally use this planner and it is great. Not only does she have different layouts to choose from like horizontal, vertical or hourly but she also has different covers that you can swap out when you get bored. It has fun quotes, yearly goals section, notes section and you can choose from color to black and white pages and tons of accessories to add. I guess what I love most about this planner is that it is so versatile to customize to your liking because everyone has a different preference.

Get to Work Book | The get to work book is all about breaking those big goals and taking it one step at a time, daily progress to reach those bigger goals. It’s mainly black and white pages but I have seen some amazing custom art and doodles out there using this planner that makes the planner easy to customize to your liking. Each month there’s a goals and Reflection page that helps you see the bigger picture and where progress is being made. I like this because sometimes you just need a breakdown of the big goal, looking at it as one big goal can become very overwhelming and this planner helps with focusing on taking it one day at a time. Which what planning is all about when it comes to focusing on your goals.

InkWell Press | Their planners are just as lovely as Erin Condren’s with the yearly goals and motivational quotes, but choose from A5 Inserts or Spiral bound! They have just two layout options for weekly layouts but the two that they do have are very easy to work with and customize to your liking. It all depends on how you use the planner, like their classic layout can be used to do bullet to dos or hourly tasks. Pretty flexible options and very beautiful design. Planner | Planner’s are so fun and quirky that they remind me of my teenage years when I loved to decorate my planners or notebooks with stickers different color pens and wished that my plain planners had the vibrant colors and coolness that these planners bring. They have fun stickers included with pizza, emojis you name it, that you can add to your daily planning and they are also small and easy to carry around. They are filled with colorful pages that are both mature yet fun! They have yearly, monthly and weekly views and also come spiral bound if you prefer. Not only do they provide a lot but they are also friendly with the bank.

Passion Planner | This planner takes planning to a whole other level. It’s not just a jot down todo’s and appointment but more of mapping out your goals and drawing it out to bring your plans to life. The daily planning has time slots for every half hour which is different, on the bottom there are two lists for personal to do and work to do’s which is cool,  with a blank section on the right to draw, brainstorm, journal you name it! They also have a monthly reflections section.

Happy Planner | It’s bright, beautiful and fun and comes with the option to remove the pages and add things with the arc bound style with three different sizes, mini, classic and big. Not only can you find this planner easily in your local craft stores like Michaels, you can also find all the great accessories it comes with. They have individual as well as full kit options.

Hope this list helps you find a planner that is both efficient and flexible to work with your style and preference!


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