Mixing Digital & Paper Planning

When it comes to planning your days some people prefer paper and others digital. In a world where digital calendars are popular, it’s sometimes easy just to stick to digital! I use to try only digital route, but that didn’t work! I don’t know about you, I love a brand new planner to write, doodle and plan my days away in. Then I tried the paper route only and that was more difficult than I thought because sometimes I would forget to look in my planner or check for appointments, and sometimes I felt like it was a big written mess because I was combining my blog, home, work, and my appointments! So how do you use both without driving yourself crazy?! I’m going to tell you how I like combining Digital & Paper planning and how it has made my life a whole lot easier!

My Planner

I jot down all my blogging and household tasks. So my blogging editorial schedule for the month goes in the monthly section, like what I shared here where I can get an at a glance view of what posts are coming up for the month and I move them around with post-it tabs whenever they need to be moved to another day. In the weekly section, I plan out my week with tasks that need to get done. So if I have to draft up posts, take pictures, or work on social media I schedule those in there. I also like to add any other tasks that need to be done, like cleaning, meal planning, and any tasks that have to get done around the house. So my planner is my task organizer, what needs to get done on a monthly and weekly basis.

Digital Planning

Digital is for all my reminders. I am the worst at remembering things so having a digital device alert me to get things done is a must. I pretty much put all of my appointments for anything in my iCal, any appointments for myself or the family go in my calendar, deadlines, bills that are due, events and birthdays!

iCalendar | Pretty much anything that needs to alert me something is coming up is what goes in iCal. This helps me tremendously! I also write it in my planner so I can plan my tasks/todos around the appointments. So every week before jotting tasks in my planner I look at my iCal and plan accordingly.

Evernote | My catch all, journal & notebook. Anything that randomly pops into my head while I am out and about goes into my Evernote. I like to type up my bills and what’s paid for the pay period, lists, goals, save images or inspiration that I don’t want to get lost in Pinterest. It’s my digital notebook. It helps a lot too because you don’t need to carry around a notebook. If I want to sketch an idea then I just sketch while I am in my office space and sketch out my party ideas or DIY ideas. In the mean time, I just jot down in Evernote what I would like to sketch out when I get to the office.

Sometimes I take my planner out with me if I know I will be working on my tasks when I am not at home. But if not I have no issue leaving it at home because my main appointments that need to remind me of things are in my iCalendar.

How do you like to plan, are you only a paper planner or digital?

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