Mixing Digital & Paper Planning

When it comes to planning your days some people prefer paper and others digital. In a world where digital calendars are popular, it's sometimes easy just to stick to digital! I use to try only digital route, but that didn't work! I don't know about you, I love a brand new planner to write, doodle and plan my days away in. Then I tried the paper route only and that was more difficult than I thought because sometimes I would forget to look in my planner or check for appointments, and sometimes I felt like it was a big written mess because I was combining ... Read the Post

Top 2017 Planners!

There's always a great feeling when you get that fresh planner in your hand to plan your year away. I don't know about you but new planners gets me all kinds of happy and giddy with excitement. I have always been the type to bounce back and forth between digital and paper planners/calendars and I love versatility, If I can make it work for me and customize it to my liking I'm all for it. This is a round up of my top flexible 2017 planners out there that will get you into the swing of planning for 2017 with style and function! Erin Condren | I personally use ... Read the Post

Setting Up Your Planner to Succeed

I don't know about you, but I need a planner to function in everyday life. There are so many tasks in life that need to get done and important dates to remember, that if you're not writing it down or putting it on your digital calendar, then I don't know how you remember things haha. Hey, some people are good at remembering things, but as a busy mom, I'm constantly on the go with kids, work, blogging, and running household errands, I just can't live without a planner. I need a planner in order to function with my everyday life and to remember things. I use to go ... Read the Post

Inside My Planner

This year I decided to use a paper planner. I wanted to share a look Inside My Planner. I use to be a hardcore paper planner type of gal but got caught up in the digital life of the iPhone, and in reality it worked out great for me when I was single with no kids. Now I am constantly needing to jot things down or sketch things out, and I needed paper more than digital, so I decided to get the Erin Condren planner and put it inside a Kikki-K binder. I loved the Erin Condren layout, right now I am using the vertical layout. I also love a binder system to be able to ... Read the Post