Great Intentions for the New Year

So as I have been going through what I really want to focus on for the new year, I have thought of a couple. I wanted to go into it with great intentions for the new year, and really set goals that are reasonable and fun. One thing I want to avoid this year is doing things that make me happy and not like a chore.

The start of a new year is always so amazing, It gives you a fresh start to start new goals which I thrive off of! This year besides my 101 in 1001 days, I want to be more intentional on the things I focus on. If 2020 taught me anything, it’s that you have to be grateful and live your life with intention and God.

Intentions for the New YearSome Great Intentions I want to focus on This Year

Learning something new!

I thrive off of learning new skills and incorporating them into my daily life. So this year I want to learn something new. Videos have definitely piqued my interest and I would like to learn more about creating fun videos for you guys.

Focus on The Present and do What Makes you Happy

One thing I learned this year is I will not do anything that won’t make me happy. I am not going to try and please everyone and I realized that not everyone will like you. Just do what makes you happy! If you don’t want to go out and just want to stay home and read a great book, then do it! Whatever makes you happy, focus on yourself, and stop trying to make everyone else happy.

Practice Gratitude & Get Closer to God

If last year taught us anything was to be more grateful for everything we have. Practicing Gratitude, Meditating, and being closer to God. One thing that I will continue to do is grow a deeper relationship with God. I want to continue reading my Bible, Devotions, and teaching my kids the word.


So I usually don’t journal, I have been jotting some things down in my DayOne app and wanted to keep going. It has helped me out tremendously lately with my anxiety. It’s a great hobby to try, I also started doing a daily photo journal, one photo a day which I always start and stop, this year I want to focus on finishing it and printing a book at the end of the year. I don’t scrapbook anymore so I thought this would be a nice way to replace it.

Block Scheduling and Manage Your Time

I am guilty of being all over the place sometimes 😆 aren’t we all?! Although I really like to use my Calendar and Reminders app to be on top of tasks, I sometimes don’t manage my time and get distracted way too easily. So Block Scheduling is what I am focusing on this year to manage my time better. If you haven’t tried block scheduling you really should, especially if you are a person who feels overwhelmed with everything you have to do and don’t know when to work on what. It will teach you to focus your time on what you are working on at the moment and once that block of time is up you go on to the next task.


What are some of your Great Intentions for the New Year, I would love to hear what you are deciding to try this year?





  1. Sara says

    This is a great list! Gratitude and being present are both on my list of intentions for this year. I want to try and navigate a better balance between work and life – the pandemic has blurred those lines even more than usual for me, and I know that I need to take care of myself if I’m going to be an effective leader at work.

    Cheers to 2021!

    • Liliana says

      Thank You! ☺️ Yes! I couldn’t agree more! If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to be more present with our loved ones daily. Just that alone is a blessing. Goodluck on your new year goals!

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