Items to Declutter From Your Home Right Now!

Items to declutter from your home right now!

Decluttering is something that I find essential to do in my home because with a family of 7 it can get cluttered really quickly. Especially with children’s toys and clothing. So today I wanted to share 20 Items to Declutter from your home right now and places you can consider donating too!

Paper / Receipts/Manuals

One of the biggest clutters are paper! It can grow into huge piles if you don’t tackle it right away, so your best option is to declutter any loose paperwork you have hanging around in your home. Now a days there are so many cool apps and printers where you can scan your documents and receipts into and leave it filed digitally. Same goes for Manuals, you can download pretty much any Manual online now for whatever device.

Shoes & Clothing You Don’t like or Use

Get rid of all those Shoes and Clothing that are either uncomfortable or that don’t fit anymore. I have been quick to toss out all those uncomfortable shoes that lets me honest I don’t even like to wear. They will sit in my closet for months or even years and never get used. Now I just stick to only items that I love and find comfortable.

Multiple Kitchen Gadgets or Utensils

So I was going through my kitchen drawers the other day and oh gosh, you won’t even believe the amount of multiples I have! I had multiple can openers, multiple juice squeezers, salad tongs, you name it. Go through your drawers and those multiple items you have donate them or get rid of the ugly used or destroyed items. Same goes for your gadgets, if you haven’t used that food processor, waffle maker or popcorn machine in years, donate it.

Out of Date Media / Video Games

Yes, DVD’s, CD’s VHS (I’ve seen it!). Now with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon prime video there’s really no need for any of these items in your home. Same goes for Video Games, if you have any old games that you already played or haven’t played with in a long time consider donating it or selling and maybe buying a new game with that money. I do this a lot with my kids video games.

Out of Date Foods

This is obvious but sometimes you forget about certain jars of food in your pantry that you didn’t realize were hidden in the back shelf of your pantry or cabinet and once you look and find them they’re expired. Go through your cabinets or pantry and get rid of anything that is no good.

Anything with Dust on It

Yea you read right, if you have any items collecting dust like tons of perfumes, candles, empty jars all those knicknacks that you no longer use or haven’t used in over a year why hold on to it?


I love holding a good book, but if you already read the book and it’s not an absolute favorite that you must keep get rid of it. They can pile up very easy!

MisMatched Hangers

Hangers just look best when they all match and when you have a bunch of hangers in different shapes and sizes it can get annoying with clothing snagging or falling off of them. So stick to one style hanger ….. I like these and your clothes won’t slip off, plus they take up less space than those plastic hangers.

Makeup / Makeup Samples

I had so much makeup I wasn’t using and when I looked through them a lot of them had expired. If you haven’t used certain makeups in over a year and have a whole bunch of those little samples Sephora likes to give you get rid of them.

Old Toiletries

Toiletries like lotions, body splash’s, that you haven’t used in a long time should also get tossed. If you don’t like a scent of a certain lotion and usually never use it then don’t keep it donate it to a friend or toss it if it’s old.

Any items that are also collecting dust.

If you haven’t used an item in so long and it’s literally collecting dust then why keep it. It’s always best just to donate it and give it to someone who will enjoy it and use it. This goes for all your perfumes, decor prices that don’t bring you joy, kitschy items.

Empty electronic boxes

Unless you’re planning on reselling it or the item will have more value if you save the box just toss those product packaging. You don’t need that Apple laptop box if it won’t add value selling it with the box. It’s just a waste of space and also another item to collect dust.

Old Electronics

We all have random remotes and chargers hanging around that we have no clue what they go too but we save them “just Incase”, why? If you haven’t found where they belong in over a year you probably never will.

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