Losing Lola

Last night we lost Lola, she went peacefully in my arms. It’s sad losing a pet, you never realize how much of a lost it is until you lose them. She was such a big part of our lives, for 14 years always happy, always loving and always by our side. She never showed us she wasnt feeling well, so it came a surprise to us when we found her breathing heavy one day. Chloe has always been the dog that always had complications with her health and always showed when she was sick, so it was a surprise when the vet told us Lola was sick and they wanted us to put her down. Its so hard to figure out what to do at a time like that. Do we put her down? Do we try to let her go on her own? I didn’t want her to suffer and up until we took her to the vet she didnt show any signs of suffering, she ate, she walked she seemed ok till we noticed her breathing. The family came together and agreed it was best to just see how she progressed. If we saw that she was in major distress we would take her in to get put down. The vet gave us some medication to help her breathe. It helped for a month, and then we noticed her breathing heavy again.

Yesterday I noticed she needed a bath and figured let me try and give her one so she can relax. I made sure not to get any water in her face and I made sure it was at a cool warm temperature so she could breathe easily. She looked so happy and relaxed and let me clean her without a problem, then after a while when I was just finishing up she just collapsed into my arm. I won’t lie, I panicked and thankfully Thomas was right next to me the whole time which is strange cause he is always at work. He took her from me and wrapped her in a towel. She went so quickly it was a complete shock to me. I just cried and layed her on my bed and we prayed.

Losing a pet is different than any other death. Yes they are family, yes you love them like your own. Its something different though, it hurts and there’s a void. You go from having a pet always by your side depending on you 100% of the time and having to make those difficult decisions for them, then to having them not there with you anymore. All you want is for them to be comfortable and not in pain and you see them looking at you, laying next to you and all you can do is hug them.

I’m just grateful I got to spend her last days with her, she left us quickly and peacefully she didn’t suffer too long. Right now I am just trying to keep an eye out for Chloe, cause that was her companion all her life, Lola came into her life when she was only a year old. So this is going to be hard and confusing to her im sure. Today I already found her laying down in the bathroom which is where Lola passed away which she never sleeps in the bathroom and I found her laying where she was taking a nap too. Its insane how dogs just know. Just remember to hug your fur babies a little closer tonight 💜.

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